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Representations on Draft Local Plan Review - Q21. Do you agree with the policies health and supporting communities? If not why not, and what alternatives would you suggest?

Representation ID: 6404

NO Mr Thomas Monksfield


There are around 9 football and rugby grounds that will disappear around Shirley South.

More details about Rep ID: 6404

Representation ID: 6329

NO Mrs Jennie Lunt


Would like more reference to the canal infrastructure with feedback from Canals & Rivers Trust.

More details about Rep ID: 6329

Representation ID: 6251

NO Packington Estate Enterprises Ltd (Mr N P Barlow)


Policy P20 -
Propose change of wording to '...providing that the development safeguards the historic and natural environment, the needs of agriculture and...'
The needs of agriculture, such as running of cattle across areas of grassland adjacent to rivers and waterways could potentially conflict with proposals for greater recreational and leisure use on the river and canal network.

More details about Rep ID: 6251

Representation ID: 5321

NO Jaguar Land Rover (Mrs Sarah-Jane Loughran) represented by Mr Neil Tiley


Policy P20 relates to the provision of open space, children's play, sport, recreation and leisure. It requires that all commercial developments of over 1ha or 1,000m2 provide open space. However, such provision may not be appropriate or viable on all commercial schemes. As a result, it is required that appropriate caveats are applied to Policy P20 such that open space provision is only required where this is both viable and appropriate.

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Representation ID: 5261

NO Andrew King


Concerned at lack of reference to leisure/sporting infrastructure, and loss of pitches, inability to accommodate local teams, for example the junior cricket club and lack of leisure space in Balsall Common. Could be addressed by developing the football club/Lavender Hall Park into a multi-sports facility for hockey, football, rugby to provide for all age groups in Balsall Common/Berkswell.

More details about Rep ID: 5261

Representation ID: 5103

NO Nigel Canning


I request the council confirms it has;
1. completed all of the above assessments
2. that Sport England as the key partner has been fully consulted and what their decision was
3. If the council intends to go against Sport England's advice the application will be referred to the relevant Government Office
4. The council can explain why land it owns that has a covenant restricting its use to that of sports usage can be "purchased" by a property developer and not revert back to the council for allocation to the next sporting club that needs the land to deliver its clubs plans and development
5. that the council will not renege on its previous policy of not selling the freehold for sites where grounds are only for sport
6. that the council is committed to its statutory requirement that any lost pitches are replaced with facilities of equivalent quality and accessibility

More details about Rep ID: 5103

Representation ID: 4960

NO Taylor Wimpey represented by Lichfields (Miss Rebecca Caines)


Do not consider that it is necessary to prepare an independent Health Impact Assessment where an ES is prepared as this will cover all of the key relevant issues.

More details about Rep ID: 4960

Representation ID: 4902

YES Persons with an interest Site 9 represented by Cerda Planning Ltd (Shaun Richards)


The policies as they are consistent with the NPPF.

More details about Rep ID: 4902

Representation ID: 4850

YES Kler Group represented by Cerda Planning Ltd (Shaun Richards)


Generally support the policies as they are consistent with the NPPF.

More details about Rep ID: 4850

Representation ID: 4428

YES Arden Academy & Mr V Goswami (Executive Principal


fully supportive of the policies as currently drafted.

More details about Rep ID: 4428

Representation ID: 4243

NO Richard Lloyd


Policy P20 does not provide sufficient long-term protection for public open space. All such areas should be designated as Village Greens, and green spaces in new developments should be dedicated as Village Greens by the developers.

More details about Rep ID: 4243

Representation ID: 4164

YES Natural England (Andrew Stubbs)


Agree with the policies on health and supporting communities. Please that they recognise the benefits of green infrastructure and the environment as a health benefit and towards supporting local communities.

More details about Rep ID: 4164

Representation ID: 4066

YES Stonewater represented by DS Planning (Ms Donna Savage)


* Policy P18. Health and Well Being - Agree in principle
* Policy P19. Range and Quality of Local Services - Agree in principle.
* Policy P20. Provision for Open Space, Children's Play, Sport, Recreation and
Leisure. - Agree in principle.

More details about Rep ID: 4066

Representation ID: 4020

YES Minton represented by DS Planning (Ms Donna Savage)


* Policy P18. Health and Well Being - Agree in principle
* Policy P19. Range and Quality of Local Services - Agree in principle.
* Policy P20. Provision for Open Space, Children's Play, Sport, Recreation and
Leisure. - Agree in principle.

More details about Rep ID: 4020

Representation ID: 3983

NO Rosconn Stategic Land represented by DS Planning (Ms Donna Savage)


* Policy P18. Health and Well Being - Agree in principle
* Policy P19. Range and Quality of Local Services - Agree in principle.
* Policy P20. Provision for Open Space, Children's Play, Sport, Recreation and
Leisure. - Agree in principle.

More details about Rep ID: 3983

Representation ID: 3965

NO Taylor Wimpey represented by Barton Willmore Planning (Ms Kathryn Ventham)


Policy P18 - Question whether HIAs are required for each application for significant development.
Unclear in text what defines 'significant development'.

More details about Rep ID: 3965

Representation ID: 3873

YES Ron Shiels represented by DS Planning (Ms Donna Savage)


* Policy P18. Health and Well Being - Agree in principle
* Policy P19. Range and Quality of Local Services - Agree in principle.
* Policy P20. Provision for Open Space, Children's Play, Sport, Recreation and
Leisure. - Agree in principle.

More details about Rep ID: 3873

Representation ID: 3842

YES John Parker represented by DS Planning (Ms Donna Savage)


* Policy P18. Health and Well Being - Agree in principle
* Policy P19. Range and Quality of Local Services - Agree in principle.
* Policy P20. Provision for Open Space, Children's Play, Sport, Recreation and
Leisure. - Agree in principle.

More details about Rep ID: 3842

Representation ID: 3814

YES Colchurch Properties Ltd represented by Richard Brown Planning (Richard Brown)


We are in agreement with the proposed policies

More details about Rep ID: 3814

Representation ID: 3736

NO Silhill Football Club (Mr Phil Haynes)


On behalf of Silhill football club members, aware of the significant demand for better quality small size sports pitches in Solihull from own and other clubs, and object to the relaxation of the planning guidelines with regard to the protection of sports pitches within the current Local Plan and the concerted, damaging proposals to identify sports pitches throughout the Borough for development.

More details about Rep ID: 3736

Representation ID: 3718

NO Spitfire Bespoke Homes represented by Hunter Page Planning (Guy Wakefield)


Policy P18 - Health Impact Assessments should only be required for development proposals over 300 dwellings and are strategic in their nature given the limited opportunities to deliver such benefits through small scale housing sites.

More details about Rep ID: 3718

Representation ID: 3703

YES Peter Bray


Health is important thus I support this policy but not at the expense of sustaining or increasing poverty.

More details about Rep ID: 3703

Representation ID: 3475

YES Canal & River Trust (Anne Denby)


Welcome references in the Plan which identifies canals as Green Infrastructure (Policy P20) acknowledging the role they can play in providing open space and contributing to green networks, providing healthy places with
opportunities including cycling and walking.

More details about Rep ID: 3475

Representation ID: 3399

NO Sport England (Mr James Morris)


Policy P20 -
Support protection and provision of sports facilities - does this include playing fields?
Should be more specific on evidence required to demonstrate any sports facilities/playing fields are surplus to requirements.
Would only accept a robust, up-to-date strategic assessment.
Object to loss of playing fields and other sporting facilities where there is a substantial community benefit. Does not accord with Para. 74. Unclear what this involves.
Part B should reference the emerging Playing Pitch Strategy as the evidence base.
Seek to ensure that new development meets any new sports facility needs arising as a result of the development.

More details about Rep ID: 3399

Representation ID: 3396

NO Sport England (Mr James Morris)


Policy P18 - Support is offered for the principle that provides support for proposals which encourage healthy and active lifestyles. This is consistent with Government planning policy (section 8 of the NPPF) on creating healthy communities and consistent with Sport England's current strategy 'Towards an Active Nation'.

The use of Health Impact Assessments for larger developments is welcomed as these can help ensure that developments give appropriate consideration to how environments can be created which allow healthy and active lifestyles to take place.

More details about Rep ID: 3396

Representation ID: 3359

NO Mr Patrick Montague


There are sports grounds under threat in the Draft Local Plan. If they are included in site allocations, there will be fewer facilities in the wrong places and less participation in sport. That will lead to a less physically and mentally fit population.

More details about Rep ID: 3359

Representation ID: 3254

NO Hampton-in-Arden Society (John Doidge)


Wish to see similar approach to that adopted for the Tame Valley for the enhancement of the River Blythe valley incorporating mitigation of the effects of HS2 and provision for a community and wildlife asset, which meets aspirations under policies P18 and P20.

More details about Rep ID: 3254

Representation ID: 3213

NO Mr Karl Peter Childs


Scale of development in South Shirley would adversely affect the local community as described above.
A large number of sports grounds will be lost.
These play an important role in both health and wellbeing as well as community interaction.
These also offer open space that breaks up the intensity of developments.
Would like to see more information on how these sites will be compensated for and alternative locations provided that will be of equivalent benefit to the area.

More details about Rep ID: 3213

Representation ID: 3176

NO Hampton-In-Arden Parish Council (Julie Barnes)


Wish to see similar approach to that adopted for the Tame Valley for the enhancement of the River Blythe valley incorporating mitigation of the effects of HS2 and provision for a community and wildlife asset, which meets aspirations under policies P18 and P20.

More details about Rep ID: 3176

Representation ID: 3076

YES Transport for the West Midlands (Helen Davies)


Support principles in this chapter.
Policy P18 - Agree that transport is significant challenge to health, it is also opportunity for improvement e.g. walking and cycling.
WMCA have launched 'Thrive West Midlands': An Action Plan to drive better mental health and wellbeing together with establishing a Wellbeing Board. This would create the governance framework for the implementation of the Mental Health Commission work and we welcome reference to this.

More details about Rep ID: 3076

Representation ID: 3064

YES Oakmoor (Sharmans Cross Road) Ltd represented by Cerda Planning Ltd (Shaun Richards)


the policies are generally supported as they seem to be in conformity with the NPPF

More details about Rep ID: 3064

Representation ID: 2788

NO Shirley Golf Club Ltd and IM Properties Ltd represented by Marrons Planning (Gary Stephens)


the policy fails to recognise circumstances in which a site becomes economically unviable/unable to operate as privately maintained recreational facilities.
the policy should be amended as appropriate.

More details about Rep ID: 2788

Representation ID: 2703

NO Robert Blond


The sports ground in Sharmans Cross Road should be used for sports and maybe, through the Woodland Trust, add to the already rich wildlife by planting a few more trees, rather than be developed.

More details about Rep ID: 2703

Representation ID: 2699

NO Robert Verrion


SMBC formally minuted in 2013 its policy with regard to the use of sport grounds and that it would not sell the freehold land at Sharmans Cross Road. A previous application for the proposed site has been refused and another withdrawn. It is clear, therefore, that the development of the site is unsuitable and should not be included in the LDP.

More details about Rep ID: 2699

Representation ID: 2611

NO Extra MSA represented by Pegasus Group (Sue Manns)


Policy P20 - Provision of open space not always safe or feasible for commercial schemes, e.g. Motorway Service Area. Policy should be caveated to state 'where appropriate'.

More details about Rep ID: 2611

Representation ID: 2549

YES Warwickshire Wildlife Trust (Annie English)


Agree with the inclusion of nature conservation and green infrastructure within this policy.

More details about Rep ID: 2549

Representation ID: 2514

YES Councillor M Wilson


Broadly agree.
Policy P18 - Would like to see proliferation of fast food shops and takeaways, as well as lack of green spaces in North Solihull addressed in the Plan.
Policy P19 - Lack of basic amenities in Arran Way centre, e.g. public toilets.

More details about Rep ID: 2514

Representation ID: 2460

NO K M Davis


Concerned about loss of sports grounds, facilities for young children and quality of life.

More details about Rep ID: 2460

Representation ID: 2456

YES Hockley Heath Parish Council (Ms Jenny McDougall)


Agree with principles of P18. However, concerns raised by residents regarding provision of healthcare facilities locally and ability to access local services due to poor transport network.
P19- Agree.
P20 - Agree. Residents would welcome input into enhancement of canal network to improve towpaths and surrounding areas and also provision of cycle ways to access local areas.

More details about Rep ID: 2456

Representation ID: 2311

YES Mrs A Wildsmith represented by John Cornwell



More details about Rep ID: 2311

Representation ID: 2295

NO Russell Trevis


Where are you proposing to re site all the football fields you are planning on destroying for the proposed new housing, my son plays for Highgate Utd which is based on Tilehouse Lane and affected by housing site 4.

More details about Rep ID: 2295

Representation ID: 2280

YES Meriden Parish Council (Mrs Barbara Bland)


Mostly agree. Removal of harmful food stuffs can be achieved to an extent but 'Free Will and Choice' cannot be taken away from the public. It should read "support those with serious health risks that will benefit quality of life within the community". Resisting hot food takeaways is pointing the finger at overweight individuals and/or risks to healthy individuals. The same, if not greater risks are those from newsagents and off-licences selling cigarettes and alcohol, which are taxable entities and obviously don't impact on communities as much as fast food.
Agree with retention and protection of open spaces.

More details about Rep ID: 2280

Representation ID: 2252

NO Elta Estates (Helen Lavery)


Local playing fields and allotments threatened with removal for housing site 2 should be protected, and additional local amenities planned for extra housing

More details about Rep ID: 2252

Representation ID: 2240

NO Jenny Woodruff


As per my response to question 15, the development plan includes several proposals where existing sporting facilities would be affected. This seems to go against the policy objective of "Supporting the retention and protection of facilities which promote healthy lifestyles such as open space, including public rights of way to open space, playing pitches and allotments; "

More details about Rep ID: 2240

Representation ID: 2101

YES Berkswell Parish Council (Mr Richard Wilson)


see response

More details about Rep ID: 2101

Representation ID: 2019

YES Dickens Heath Parish Council (Ms H Marczak)


Broadly support these policies.

Sites 4 and 13 would conflict with Policies P18 and P20 due to loss of sporting/leisure facilities and open space.
Proposed replacement at Tythe Barn Lane may not be adequate.
36% of residents object to the loss of outdoor sports and leisure facilities.

More details about Rep ID: 2019

Representation ID: 1999

YES Balsall Parish Council (Judith Parry-Evans)


Support policy P18. A bypass in Balsall Common would facilitate more sustainable transport modes through the village and improve the health and well being of the community.
However, the loss of playing fields at Holly Lane will have a negative effect on physical and mental health and well being.

More details about Rep ID: 1999

Representation ID: 1949

YES BBCSCA (Dr Bob Harris)


Vision for sport and recreational facilities in Balsall Common should take into account:

1. Current and future demand for such facilities, taking into account planned growth and potential loss of existing pitches.
2. Pitches should be serviced by and further support existing buildings which provide changing and social facilities for sport and recreation. BBCSCA's experience that Sport & Community Centre are equally important as pitches in encouraging participation across the community.
3. Investment in new sport and recreational facilities for schools and community use. Results in greater uptake and better value for money.

More details about Rep ID: 1949

Representation ID: 1944

YES Balsall and Berkswell Football Club (Mr James Aspinall)


Understand need for housing in Balsall Common.
Want to ensure appropriate sports facilities available to families and children.
Balsall and Berkswell Football Club lease land from the Council on Lavender Hall Lane and rent pitches in Lavender Park.
Sites 1 & 2 would result in 2-4 football pitches being lost to village.
Proposed sports facility will not provide external pitch or outdoor facilities.
Football Club and Council could develop facilities at grounds and Lavender Hall Park:
E.g. Improve playing surface, drainage, car parking, install floodlights, provide integrated sports facility at Lavender Hall, all weather surface for hockey, netball.

More details about Rep ID: 1944

Representation ID: 1916

YES SMBC - Public Heath & Commissioning Directorate (Mr Nick Garnett)


i) By including 'that promote' sport and 'the differ needs of the diverse population that may use a development'
And rather than 'contribute' in ii and iii 'deliver'.
The reference needs to be to 'accessible' open spaces.

There is a need to make explicit reference the playing pitches as part of the sports & recreation provision and the playing pitch strategy as evidence.

More details about Rep ID: 1916

Representation ID: 1731

NO Mrs Bolette Neve


A Local Plan proposing to build on the few green spaces available to people in Balsall Common does not comply with its own policy set out for health and supporting communities. Barratt's Farm green belt site is essential for the health and well being for many families in Balsall Common who use the site for daily walks.

More details about Rep ID: 1731

Representation ID: 1719

YES Mrs Maxine White


We need encourage families to explore the outdoors, but we also need to ensure that there is sufficient countryside for them to enjoy.

More details about Rep ID: 1719

Representation ID: 1716

NO Andrew Baynes


Fully support health and supporting communities. Unlike this plan. From a Shirley perspective the quote about 'Green / open space' in paragraph 378 rings particularly hollow, as the plans guarantee that the opposite will be true for a great number of households. This is already a very urban environment - the plans only increase the urbanisation, without any increase in public open space. Where buildings are currently set in space they are to be demolished and replaced with high-density developments.

More details about Rep ID: 1716

Representation ID: 1697

NO Mr Dan Salt


Leave the green space (and green belt) as it is. the only time the various suggestions noted in the solihull plan are appropriate are when a 1000+ extra homes are built that pressures existing amenities and invites anti-social behaviour to the village. I personally exercise throughout the proposed development site by foot and by bicycle. I have also been able to enrich the lives of my children by exposing them to this very special natural environment, where a sense of health comes from the outdoor and important ecology to be found.

More details about Rep ID: 1697

Representation ID: 1689

YES Judith Parry-Evans


Any leisure and sports and recreation facilities should be integrated with existing well managed ones. Isolated pitches and changing facilities are not sustainable.
Wherever possible, significant investments in all-weather pitches, pools etc should be within the management and site of the sports and community association, the football club or the schools and usage shared for maximium value to be gained.

More details about Rep ID: 1689

Representation ID: 1658

YES Mr M Trentham


The southern part of Site 9 provides a particular opportunity to provide a new small park and wildlife area.

More details about Rep ID: 1658

Representation ID: 1645

YES SMBC - Public Heath & Commissioning Directorate (Mrs Sangeeta Leahy)


The Public Health Directorate fully supports the proposal to include HIAs in order to maximise positive impacts of the proposed development and minimise potential adverse impacts.

Solihull GPs have also been consulted on the proposals and have raised concerns that the Solihull MIND facility may need to be closed due to local development plans on the land.

Concerns have also been raised about the potential increased pressures on GP practices from house building in GP catchment areas. The document submitted contains communication from local GPs on these 2 issues which are covered under Site 9 and Q16.

More details about Rep ID: 1645

Representation ID: 1643

NO Dr P Johnson


Planning approval process is flawed and does not consider health and environment of existing council tax payers as shown by the bad example at Middlefield Spring development where lorries allowed to operate 6 days per week from 7am on roads that are too narrow.

More details about Rep ID: 1643

Representation ID: 1623

YES Hockley Heath Parish Council (Cllr Greg McDougall)


Concerns raised at local consultation regarding provision of healthcare facilities in Hockley Heath and ability to access local services due to poor transport network, as village has no GP surgery or pharmacy so residents have to travel. This can be difficult for the local elderly population, particularly if they have to use public transport and residents have difficulty in accessing appointments at GP surgeries elsewhere. SMBC needs to consider new Primary Care facilities to ensure that they are accessible to all. HHPC would welcome more reference to the canal infrastructure with feedback from Canals & Rivers Trust.

More details about Rep ID: 1623

Representation ID: 1552

NO Star Planning and Development (Sir or Madam


Until the health impact toolkit has been produced then this part of Policy P18 should not come into effect. A specific allocation should be made in P20 for a Community Sports Hub on land generally contained by Tythe Barn Lane, Tilehouse Lane and the Stratford upon Avon Canal to the north of Dickens Heath. Richborough Estates' preference is for the land to be excluded from the Green Belt. If the land remains in the Green Belt then, in the alternative, Policies P20 should still specifically identify the land as a location for sporting and recreation uses.

More details about Rep ID: 1552

Representation ID: 1522

NO Mr Eamon Maguire


concerned over loss of sports pitches and what this means for the users of these facilities.

More details about Rep ID: 1522

Representation ID: 1521

YES Mr Keith Tindall


But under these policies Balsall Common & Berkswell will need major investment in its public transport system,both road and rail, together with increased parking at the station in order to accomodate the demand from the proposed population growth.
How will this be delivered?

More details about Rep ID: 1521

Representation ID: 1471

NO Yasmine Griffin


I agree with health and supporting communities. However, this has not been addressed in the proposed development in Barrett's Farm. The development does not protect and enhance natural assets; it does not improve accessibility and sustainability to travel; it does not protect key gaps between Balsall Common and Berkswell; it does not secure economic growth locally; no provision is made for health and well being. Balsall Common already has increased pollution from increased traffic and increased plane routes into Birmingham Airport. No provision is made for cycle routes, playgrounds and leisure centres to promote health and wellbeing.

More details about Rep ID: 1471

Representation ID: 1441

NO Mr Andrew Burrow


The new policy should also require developers to replace any extensive footpath networks that are heavily used (as identified in the Landscape Character Assessment) with suitable green infrastructure to provide the same recreational and sporting outcomes. This includes off lead dog walking which is often practical in much arable land plus running, walking, and enjoying nature.

The loss of such extensive heavily used footpath networks is detrimental to the health objectives of the nation and SMBC.

More details about Rep ID: 1441

Representation ID: 1370

NO Mr Michael Fairbrother


While the policies are sensible - I do NOT agree with including Balsall Common in the same category as Knowle, Castle Bromwich, Marston Green,, Hobs Moat, Kingshurst etc. The centre and available amenities are MUCH smaller and do not support the 20% allocation. This means that significantly improving the centre of Balsall Common including the provision of car parking has to be done BEFORE any new building goes ahead as we are already overloaded!

More details about Rep ID: 1370

Representation ID: 1360

NO Mrs Sylvia Gardiner


"Create an environment". How can this be creating a good environment. Less open space a depleting number of trees, wild life, clean air and much much more. I request you seriously think again to putting 41% in South Shirley and consider the residence who voted for you to look after their interests.

More details about Rep ID: 1360

Representation ID: 1354

NO Mrs Sylvia Gardiner


How can you think that the recreation will be improved. When the loss of so many football and rugby clubs will be closed and access to fields will be removed,from the youth and adults of this area.

More details about Rep ID: 1354

Representation ID: 1321

NO Mrs Deborah Chard


Loss of sports ground at Sharmans Cross Road is contrary to policy to retain facilities for use for sport, existing covenant and Council decision to retain freehold, and incomprehensible given the number of sports clubs that wish to use the site, but are unable to do so because of the unrealistic rent demanded.

More details about Rep ID: 1321

Representation ID: 1268

NO Mrs Denise Delahunty


Local plan involves the abolition of too many community football pitches. Each football club is used by AT LEAST 150 youths every weekend. There is already a shortage of playing fields, the evidence of this is shown if new teams form, it's almost impossible to hire a pitch. The long term effect of eliminating this community will be an increase in anti social behaviour, increasing obesity in our youth and loss of a huge voluntary community spirit

More details about Rep ID: 1268

Representation ID: 1262

NO Mr Stuart Woodhall


South Shirley allocations will remove several sports and recreational facilities which impacts on heath and wellbeing of local people especial the younger generation who engage in football or similar
What will they do if they no where to go ??
How will all these be replaced?

More details about Rep ID: 1262

Representation ID: 1245

YES Friends of the Earth (Cities for People) (Chris Crean)


There are a number of very useful and progressive policies and proposals here. However if all of the development that the plan encourages elsewhere are allowed much of the vision here will be undermined. Equally how will these policies be promoted when planning application are submitted which undermine them?
Mention additionally should be made of air quality and the contributions to poor air quality from housing, industry and vehicles.

More details about Rep ID: 1245

Representation ID: 1146

NO Solihull Mind (Mr Nicholas Woodman)


The current use of the land included in the Arden triangle development area contributes under most areas in this section - in particular 373,374,380,396-99; Policy 18 and SMBC Green Spaces strategy. These together advocate access to open spaces for exercise, physical activities, recreation, and 'opportunities for growing local produce and encouraging people to make positive healthy food choices'; all of which are currently provided through our project. The Green Spaces Strategy promotes'strong protection of open space, sports and recreational facilities'; and the Health Impact Assessments for the new development will demonstrate negative impacts on the mental health of the population.

More details about Rep ID: 1146

Representation ID: 1140

NO Peter Wreford


SMBC policy should be extended to require developers of sites greater than 100 units to work with and consult with existing sports bodies and clubs in the immediate locality to identify opportunities to enhance existing facilities. Developers are very keen to promote their houses as being in vibrant communities with lots of sports clubs without ever actually engaging with them in a meaningful manner.
I have added some specific thoughts with regard to the Barratts Farm site in Balsall Common in the comments on individual sites (rep. 1142)

More details about Rep ID: 1140

Representation ID: 1136

NO Mrs Sally Woodhall


Allocation 13 , As the only green space with public access in the south of Shirley, This land is very widely used by the local residents and is extremely important for the health and welfare of the local residents of all ages. I walk over these fields every morning on well-worn footpaths, along with many other local residents making it a very enjoyable social activity.

More details about Rep ID: 1136

Representation ID: 1129

YES Mrs Emma Harrison


Important to promote and provide facilities for healthy leaving, exercise, local food production and children play. Should significantly improve pedestrian and cycling routes between all borough areas.
Need increased focus on improving air quality and reducing congestion and pollution.

More details about Rep ID: 1129

Representation ID: 1113

YES Mr William Cairns


Developments must include green spaces, trees and landscaping. New residents must feel its a place worth coming to. Developments that take large portions of green belt should retain many of the trees, paths and hedgerows to promote the rural nature of the overall area. The provision of green areas between existing and new developments retain the established nature of the existing residential area and enhances new developments through easy access to green space for informal and formal recreation so it benefits all. A good example is the Ridding Hill development on the Balsall Common/Berswell parish boundary

More details about Rep ID: 1113

Representation ID: 1087

YES Mr Paul Joyner



More details about Rep ID: 1087

Representation ID: 1050

YES Mr David Ellis


Although agreeing, under these policies Balsall Common will need investment in the public transport system, better parking in village centre; increased parking at the rail station plus improved train & bus services to meet the anticipated population growth. Currently the village has no centralised COMMUNITY sports facilities, a sports centre ( an all weather pitch is needed in particular) There are private clubs but these are not open to all

More details about Rep ID: 1050

Representation ID: 1006

NO Colin Davis


the proposed sites seem to remove sports grounds and open space and increase pressure on existing health services
if there are plans to re provide facilities that will only take more green belt
if site 20 is developed it will cut damsonwood residents off from Elmdon park as the access road to the church and park lies between the JLR entrance and the football club . that will deny me and other resident access to our valued park and church

More details about Rep ID: 1006

Representation ID: 897

YES Richard Evans


21-YES AND NO-There is an historic under funding of health care between Birmingham and Solihull as reflected by our local CCGs overspend and the combined Birmingham CCGs underspend. Perhaps this issue needs to be addressed at a Governmental level but it grates somewhat when we are expected to provide additional housing sites to make up for Birminghams shortfall

More details about Rep ID: 897

Representation ID: 775

YES West Midlands Police represented by Tyler Parkes Partnership Ltd (Ms H Winkler)


Welcomes the changes proposed to the wording of Policy P18 with useful additions as follows:
'...New development proposals will be expected to promote, support and enhance
physical and mental health and wellbeing. Healthy lifestyles will be enabled
by...Supporting safe and inclusive design that discourages crime and antisocial
behaviour, and encourage social cohesion...'

More details about Rep ID: 775

Representation ID: 766

YES Mrs Louisa Jakeman


I support the policies but I worry that by homing in on less accessible parts of the Borough for new housing allocations (which will then become mainly car dependent), the policies may not be realisable.
Cycling and walking are popular and healthy activities but people will only do them more if they are safe and the car becomes a less convenient alternative. Walkers and cyclists need to be separated from motorised transport users and paths need to be well lit.
A by pass for Knowle would divide the village and devastate local businesses.

More details about Rep ID: 766

Representation ID: 706

NO Mr David Roberts


The situation re provision of care is well below the requirements we expect . You can't have a child in Solihull! You have to go to Heartlands or Warwick. In Solihull you can't be mentally ill - the Bruce Burns unit is closing at the Hospital. If you have a problem you must go to a unit in Inner city Birmingham! The appointments system at many doctors surgeries is in meltdown. You won't improve any of these by creating a larger community of people and building more homes . There is no thought it appears over school places too.

More details about Rep ID: 706

Representation ID: 492

YES Ms Judith Tyrrell


I doooooo agree with your policies for healthy and supported communities but your actions indicate that you don't. If you do then you wouldn't build on the football pitches, parkland and allotments. And before you say it I don't believe that the developers will replace it leaving no public recreational area to the south east of Balsall Common. This hasn't happened in the development between Kenilworth Road and Hob Lane - where I am told it was promised but never materialised.

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Representation ID: 451

NO Mrs Kathleen Price


I do in principal agree with the policy but the draft plan shows that football pitches i Tythebarn are to built on in therefore denying access to outdoor physical activity and the canal side will be built on. Green belt is to be built on denying people countryside walking and cycling in the immediate vicinity and building leisures centres cannot replace the health benefits of the outdoors. They are expensive and not accessible to all.

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Representation ID: 427

NO The Theatres Trust (Mr Ross Anthony)


The Theatres Trust is disappointing by the lack of cultural content in the plan. Cultural and community facilities play a key role in vibrant centres, support the day to day needs of local communities and help promote well-being and improve quality of life.

Policy P19 (or P2) should cover community/social facilities with a definition for social infrastructure, resist loss of or change of use and support new community/social facilities or temporary uses to enhance well-being, vitality and viability and to properly reflect guidance in the NPPF, and major developments should incorporate opportunities for cultural activities.

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Representation ID: 371

YES Mr Christopher Hall


comment on healthy lifestyles and benefit of exercise

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Representation ID: 360

NO Mr Stephen Hill


No, the locations for Allocated Housing Sites identify the loss of too many existing Football Clubs/Pitches (with an apparent bias against Association Football and in favour of Cricket, Hockey and Golf), contrary to Policies P18/P20, without identifying any compensatory arrangements for their replacement (i.e. Sites 4, 8, 13, 16, 20).

Policies P18/P20 need to be stronger, clearer and cross-referenced against Policy P5, in terms of supporting the retention of existing outdoor sports facilities (and in particular existing Football Clubs/Pitches) and, where necessary, identify how any future loss of facilities will be compensated for or improved upon.

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Representation ID: 359

NO phillippa holroyd


Delivering new and improved health services and facilities in areas accessed by sustainable transport modes (facilities for primary medical care should be identified and planned for); - there is nothing in the plan to advise how this will be addressed and other parties involved - surprised by this due to the moving to working together of local council and CCG

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Representation ID: 356

NO Hampton-in-Arden Surgery (Dr Ryan Prince)


There is no clear mention of primary care provision. Our surgery is very small and has a 1.5 full time doctor equivalent. Our practice area covers much of the proposed sites. We have 3000 patients between the 1.5 doctors, which is already above the national average. Any significant increase on this would seriously undermine our ability to provide safe and timely healthcare to the new residents unless we could procure funding to increase the staff ( both medical and administrative) at the surgery to cope with the huge increase in demand for appointments and care.

More details about Rep ID: 356

Representation ID: 346

YES Balsall Common Village Residents Association (Mr Keith Tindall)


Under these policies Balsall Common&Berkswell needs major investment in its public transport system,both road and rail, together with increased parking at the station in order to accomodate the demand from the proposed population growth, and past experience show this is not forthcoming. When the new medical centre was planned residents were promised a bus service to it, but that service no longer exists.
The policy recognises the importance of promoting healthy communities, yet despite recent large housing development the community still has no centralised sports facilities or all weather pitch, and these must be in any development plans.

More details about Rep ID: 346

Representation ID: 301

YES Mr Charles Ayto


Yes, provision needs to be made for safe crossing of motorway junctions for cyclists to encourage cycling as one of the means of commuting. Some recreational areas do not have children's play facilities, for example Prospect Lane Recreational area . This would seem to conflict with the desires of government to get children to be more active. There is little SMBC can do to encourage recreational and leisure use of local rivers as most are now routed underground. The canal network could be put to better use although it is already actively used in some parts of the borough.

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Representation ID: 248

YES Mrs Felicity Wheeler


Agree with the policies. SMBC must ensure that developers are not allowed to dilute these aims when actual construction starts. Green space is essential

More details about Rep ID: 248

Representation ID: 231

NO Dr Deborah Hope


With reference to P18, and supporting mental and physical welbeing: Solihull Mind Horticultural Area behind Station Road, Knowle- the FULL field site and its moderate buildings should be completely protected in any proposed new development. It enhances and SAVES lives. It reduces the State's social and medical bills for the care of its users. The Government supports the need for better mental and physical health. Solihull's facilities for mental health are below parr. Do not fail this project for the monetary value of the land to a developer. It is a VITAL commodity, literally.

More details about Rep ID: 231

Representation ID: 214

YES Mr Geoffrey Wheeler


These are good policies but the test will come when developer's plans are submitted and the degree to which SMBC are able to ensure promises are met. The release of green space land at the current Windmill Lane development in Balsall Common suggests they will not

More details about Rep ID: 214

Representation ID: 110

YES Mr Nick Nicholson


The Inland Waterways Association (Warks branch) is pleased to see that the canal system within the borough has been noted in Policy P20 as a possible transport route as well as an excellent tourist route and a extensive green space in a very built up area. We would like to see better signage for passing canal users to access the town's facilities.

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Representation ID: 109

NO Prof Jon Binner


For the site west of Dickens Heath, either side of Tythe Barn Lane, we do not feel that the community in Dickens Heath is being protected; rather we feel that it will be destroyed. It is already far too busy and overcrowded and this will only make it much worse. The housing estate will also only encourage Dickens Heath to merge in with Shirley; something that has been avoided until now.

More details about Rep ID: 109

Representation ID: 76

YES Mr D Deanshaw


the drive for more houses should not be at the expense of open space. all major developments should provide "parkland" space for people to enjoy

More details about Rep ID: 76

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