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Representations on Draft Local Plan - Supplementary Consultation - Question 24 - Site 9 - Land South of Knowle

Representation ID: 10327

COMMENT Environment Agency (Jane Field)


There are a number of ordinary watercourses (Cuttle Brook and unnamed) across the site, however our 'Flood Map for Planning' only shows the flood risk from watercourses with a catchment area greater than 3km2, mapping of the risk from the watercourse has not been undertaken and as such this is the only reason the site is shown to lie in low risk Flood Zone 1. The assessment of flood risk and easement from the ordinary watercourse should be agreed with the LLFA, however we strongly recommend that hydraulic modelling of the watercourse is undertaken as part of a Level 2 SFRA to inform of the developable area and capacity of this potential allocation. Regardless of flood risk, we recommend an unobstructed green corridor is maintained along the banks of the watercourse for the purposes of protecting and maintaining green and blue infrastructure.

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Representation ID: 10092

COMMENT Minton represented by DS Planning (Ms Donna Savage)


No objection in principle

More details about Rep ID: 10092

Representation ID: 10050

COMMENT the landowners at Jacobean Lane represented by DS Planning (Ms Donna Savage)


No objection in principle

More details about Rep ID: 10050

Representation ID: 10010

COMMENT Stonewater represented by DS Planning (Ms Donna Savage)


No objection in principle

More details about Rep ID: 10010

Representation ID: 9970

COMMENT Rosconn Stategic Land represented by DS Planning (Ms Donna Savage)


No objection in principle

More details about Rep ID: 9970

Representation ID: 9923

COMMENT Generator (Balsall) & Minton represented by DS Planning (Ms Donna Savage)


No objection in principle

More details about Rep ID: 9923

Representation ID: 9862

COMMENT Historic England- West Midlands Region (Mr R Torkildsen)


Historic England acknowledges the SMBC Draft illustrative Concept Masterplan which suggests how potential future development might respond to the affected heritage assets. It will be important that assumptions are underpinned by adequate evidence.

More details about Rep ID: 9862

Representation ID: 9627

COMMENT Grove Road Residents represented by Pegasus Group (David Onions)


The allocation is inappropriate and has not been adequately justified. The southern portion of the site is sensitive in both Green Belt and landscape character terms. Access arrangements from the South are also difficult and if pursued will have even greater impact on the sensitive landscape character of this part of the site and
impact on the setting of designated heritage assets. The Draft Concept Masterplan must be re-drawn to ensure that built development to the South extends no further than the existing public footpath linking Warwick Road with Grove Road.

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Representation ID: 9586

SUPPORT Persons with an interest Site 9 represented by Cerda Planning Ltd (Bhupinder Thandi)


Arden Triangle (Site 9) has been a consistent commitment by the Council throughout plan making in Solihull.
The evidence base which justified the proposed allocation within the earlier draft Local Plan re-enforces and re-supports the allocation of the site within the current draft Local Plan Supplementary Consultation. The update to the evidence base does nothing to undermine the Council's approach to propose an allocation of the site and indeed supports the proposes allocation.
Cerda Planning therefore support the allocation at the Arden Triangle (Site 9).

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Representation ID: 9561

COMMENT Richard Cobb Planning (Mr Richard Cobb)


Proposed development of land should have been subject to proper sustainability studies especially in respect of traffic and employment. Most traffic from site will need to travel to the north and west and road system at present will not be able to cope. Additionally employment opportunities should be provided by allocation of land for business purposes.

More details about Rep ID: 9561

Representation ID: 9521

COMMENT St Philips Ltd represented by Savills (Jessica Graham)


Unclear how Site 9 has been assessed as a 'green' site and site 207 has not. Clarification is sought on this matter.
Site 9 performs similarly to site 207; however, Site 9 comprises multiple landowners / interests whereas site 207 is solely under clients control, providing more certainty and deliverability.

More details about Rep ID: 9521

Representation ID: 9511

COMMENT The Knowle Society (Mr Andrew Marston)


Development here will do nothing except worsen an already busy road network.
Impact on ecology.
High density homes on the site of the existing School is unsuitable, given prevailing character of the area.
No definitive indication of how Arden relocation will be funded and redevelopment of Arden will create its own infrastructure problems.
However, redevelopment would help to meet other infrastructure requirement including additional medical and community facilities.
Option 2 is the only option for further examination in the next round of consultation and it would have to include a new junior or primary school.

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Representation ID: 9503

OBJECT Ms Mali malika


Concept master plan -I support option 1 and not option 2 of the published options.

Reasons: Relocating the school to new site will:
- only displace traffic congestion to other sites.
- will require increased allocation of houses to make new school construction

- I support option 1 to fulfil need for new houses required in the burrow

More details about Rep ID: 9503

Representation ID: 9484

COMMENT Heyford Developments Ltd represented by Lichfields (Mr Jon Kirby)


Difficult to distinguish between Site 9 and Amber Site A5 Blue Lake Road, and latter will round off development alongside Site 9.
Blue Lake Road aligned with Site 9 in terms of accessibility.
Uncertainty over Site 9 due to different land ownerships and land parcels, which risks not delivering allocated housing numbers. All the land at Blue Lake Road now under control of Heywood Developments, is available now and can deliver housing within first 5 years of Plan period.

More details about Rep ID: 9484

Representation ID: 9398

SUPPORT Mr M Trentham


Support the allocation of Site 9.
Concern on the current state of flux regarding the relocation of Arden Academy. They must come up with a financially viable and policy compliant scheme, or stand back and let us get on with the default Masterplan. Relocation of the school is not a requirement but a private project.
The land is both suitable and deliverable and there will be contributions to on-site infrastructure.
Masterplans are out of date and misleading.
Option 2 is not a proceedable option at this stage.
Option 1 should be the only masterplan for site 9.

More details about Rep ID: 9398

Representation ID: 9385

OBJECT CPRE Warwickshire Branch (Mark Sullivan)


Site 9 should not be allocated in the Local Plan Review.
Proposals to surround Knowle village with extensive housing to its north (Site 8) and south (Site 9) would undermine the Conservation Area's character and setting because Knowle would become a town in terms of population size and urban extent.
Impact on Knowle Conservation Area, most important in the Borough and other heritage assets. Would have the effect of developing open land to the north of the historic village and removing the countryside setting that remains to that side of Knowle. Turning settlement from village to more like a town.
Loss of Green Belt

More details about Rep ID: 9385

Representation ID: 9330

OBJECT Knowle, Dorridge & Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Forum (Mrs Jane Aykroyd)


There remain too many outstanding issues regarding the justification for development in this area to be able to support this allocation in principle. The studies undertaken on behalf of the NF raise significant concerns about the scale of development,. Fundamental issues regarding the future of Arden Academy and the
impacts of this scale of development on local infrastructure have still not been addressed. If Arden Academy is not relocated, there is no real wider community benefit from such a scale of development and no justification for the release of the land to the east of the Academy.

More details about Rep ID: 9330

Representation ID: 9320

SUPPORT Strategic Land and Property Team SMBC represented by Cushman and Wakefield (Miss Hannah Bevins)


Release of this land would provide a sustainable location for the development of new homes to help the Borough achieve its housing requirement within the plan period.
The site has clear, strong defensible boundaries with the A4141 Warwick Road to the east, Grove Road to the south and the built up residential area of Knowle to the north and west. A parcel of land within the west of the proposed allocation is currently being built out for residential use.

More details about Rep ID: 9320

Representation ID: 9315

COMMENT Spitfire Bespoke Homes represented by Ridge and Partners LLP (Emma Greening)


An allocation on land to the south of Knowle is welcomed, however given the uncertainties around the number of units that can be realistically be delivered on site 8 at Hampton Road, the site to the south of Knowle should be extended to include additional land. Land east of Warwick Road and north of Wyndley Garden Centre could deliver 70 units and disperse traffic movements

More details about Rep ID: 9315

Representation ID: 9299

COMMENT Duchy Homes Ltd represented by Barton Willmore Planning (Miss Hiteshree Kundalia)


Only two sites have been identified for residential development within and around Dorridge (Site 8: Hampton Road, capacity 300-350 and Site 9: Arden Triangle, capacity 600), both of which are large sites. There is no evidence provided on the deliverability of these sites, include the timescales for housing to come forward. However, smaller Sites such as our Client's, are more deliverable within the early years of the Plan. This will help to address the known affordability issues in Dorridge and the wider Borough.

More details about Rep ID: 9299

Representation ID: 9231

SUPPORT Arden Academy Board of Governors (Martin Carter)


Supports allocation of site 9, option 2 which shows the relocation of Arden Academy to an alternative site within site 9 and residential development on the existing site.
Option 1 is not supported. Overall achievable capacity within option 2 has the potential for a larger contribution to the approximately 1,000 homes earmarked for Knowle than identified in the consultation document and may be necessary to make option2 viable.
A new Arden centre for community learning should form an integral part of the masterplan for this area in order to secure medium and longterm educational, social, environmental and economic benefits for the local community. There is a compelling argument for a purpose built school, existing site is tightly constrained and no longer fit for purpose, additions over the years have led to a patchwork of development with poor interconnectivity, investment required to up date the site is around 18 million and would make Arden a building site for years hindering education, energy efficiency is poor and annual maintenance costs are high. Current site presents significant safety issues at the main entrance on Station Road, there is no parking for parents. School has no gym, floodlit facilities or swimming pool. Physical condition of the building creates challenges for the teaching and learning environment. Proposes a sports centre with swimming pool, fitness centre, arts theatre, recreation space and playing fields, conference /meeting facilities, day nursery, multi weather pitches, drama / dance rooms, improved community safety with significant reduction in traffic on parking routes, youth zone, potential to co-locate a new primary school. Cannot support option 1 as academy is retained on site and current difficulties will worsen and would still need to absorb the same level of housing development. Redevelopment of existing school site presents the scope to build at a higher density than elsewhere across site 9 taking advantage of existing scale and height of buildings and presents scope for more affordable housing.
Suggests revisions to concept master plan (see attached) and proposed phasing plan

Online questionnaire on consultation with 502 responses indicated the following:90.4% of respondents agreed site 9 should be included as an allocation
95.4% agreed with option 2 being developed which would enable a new school to be built.

More details about Rep ID: 9231

Representation ID: 9218

OBJECT Arden Multi Academy Trust (Mr Martin Murphy)


Supports allocation, with new Arden Centre for Community Learning forming an integral part of masterplan.
Concept Masterplan
Cannot support Option 1 as would not address problems of the ageing campus. Support Option 2 in principle as includes new school, but concerned that the masterplan proposes insufficient housing land to ensure new school is viable. Increased capacity is achievable by increasing density of development on existing school site, reflecting the existing buildings height and scale, and providing additional affordable housing, and by including available land parcels within the overall site not currently proposed for development.

More details about Rep ID: 9218

Representation ID: 9145

OBJECT Mrs Karen Allen


I object to any development on green belt land, also to the relocation of Arden Academy. There is a swimming pool and theatre within 4 miles which is served by public transport from the area. Another swimming pool and theatre in the area are unlikely to be financially viable, and other infrastructure and facilities are needed (for older children, teenagers and young adults, doctors etc).
Currently Arden Academy pupils benefit from being close to the Knowle public transport links and the shops benefit from their custom, in the proposed location for the new school this would not be the case.

More details about Rep ID: 9145

Representation ID: 9140

OBJECT Dr Paul Rylah


The site is completely on the wrong side of the village. Most of the new residents will not be using public transport but their own cars. That is a simple reality of the demographics and the modern world we live in. And most will be commuting North through the village, to Solihull, Birmingham, the M42, the airport, HS2 stations etc in pursuit of work and shops. The proposed development is also way too large for the village to absorb. A far better site is the Solihull Gap bordering and south of the M42, whilst still maintaining the gap as well.

More details about Rep ID: 9140

Representation ID: 9132

OBJECT Mr John Allen


I do not believe that any greenbelt land should be developed. However, accepting that this land has potential for development I would argue that the school should remain where it is. The money spent on moving the school would be better spent on improving the infrastructure of the area to accommodate it's potential expansion, in such areas as doctors and provision for young people eg youth clubs.

More details about Rep ID: 9132

Representation ID: 9128

OBJECT Mr Kym Soni


Knowle is already densely developed, without adding more residential property. The proposal to build another primary school, as well as Arden, and all the new properties means their will be inadequate playing fields for the children, plus the fact the stationary traffic would be emitting pollution to the detriment of the residents and school children's health.
Electric vehicles, and the infrastructure to support them is a long way in the future. Fossil fuelled vehicles will be here until 2040!

More details about Rep ID: 9128

Representation ID: 9114

OBJECT Mrs Hannah Ager


The proposed allocation of this site will be very detrimental to the village of Knowle. This is a valuable area of Green Belt that is cherished by the community. The roads around this area of Knowle are very congested and could not support the proposed number of new homes.
There are more sustainable sites closer to Dorridge or Widney Manor Railway Stations. Any allocation should not include the Warwick Road frontage, which provides the most valuable visual amenity and would also be dangerous to access. I strongly object to the allocation of this site and the densities of housing proposed.

More details about Rep ID: 9114

Representation ID: 9095

OBJECT Dr Lucy Hillman


Building on Green Belt land when there is land that is better suited to take such a large development and that has more infrastructure seems ridiculous. Just because land is owned by someone that wants to make a lot of money does not mean that that land is best suited for development. Green belt land should not be sold to people who have no interest in the place it resides in or the people living within the nearby villages. They have no interest in the land other than to sell it on to developers for profit and get planning agreed

More details about Rep ID: 9095

Representation ID: 9094

OBJECT Dr Linda Parsons


Arden School does not need to relocate as there is enough land on its current site. Green belt should not be used/sacrificed. Knowle does not need more housing. The village cannot take any more housing. Its character would be destroyed. There is a problem with parking already. Traffic flow will increase.
I cannot support this proposal

More details about Rep ID: 9094

Representation ID: 9075

OBJECT Mrs Ann Foxon


Supports the expansion of Catholic Primary education on the Arden triangle to extend the current fabulous provision of St George and St Teresa to ensure parity in the provision of places and be consistent with the earlier draft.Both Arden and St George and St Teresa have constrained sites. St George and St Teresa Catholic School has achieved a National reputation for its education. While there has been increased provision at a number of schools no additional places have been granted at Catholic Primary Schools in Solihull, the site is restricting the ability to deliver services to its community. The early draft plan recognised a need for a new Catholic Primary School and this was subsequently removed. St George and St Teresa School is 50 Years old, is on a restricted site and it would make sense to build a two form entry school fit for the 21st Century.

More details about Rep ID: 9075

Representation ID: 9050

COMMENT Miss Elizabeth Brace


Consider impact on Barn End Grade II listed building. Opportunity to close Grove Road between Barn End and Warwick Road, re-routing traffic through Arden Triangle and maintaining as footway/cycleway/bridleway/wildlife corridor. Create new LWS around Cuttle Brook corridor. Maintain wildlife corridor between Mind site and Barn End LWS, reinforcing by keeping development back from Grove Road/Warwick Road corner. Restore dilapidated hedge between development and Grove Road and enhance abandoned garden between 88/98 Grove Road. Consider a wildlife underpass for the new estate road, and/or bridging the new road over Cuttle Brook.

More details about Rep ID: 9050

Representation ID: 9025

SUPPORT Mrs Barbara Davison


I feel the school is getting run down and prefer the idea of moving it and developing additional resources rather than trying to refurbish the existing building. If we are to have 700 new homes a swimming pool, theatre etc as well as other facilities must be included in the plan.

More details about Rep ID: 9025

Representation ID: 9020

OBJECT Mr Dean Henry


We OBJECT to the development of Site 9, Land South of Knowle. The development falls within Green Belt. The existing road infrastructure is not able to support the additional traffic that will be generated from 600 houses (up to 1800 additional vehicles). Knowle High Street is already a bottleneck for traffic and for people travelling to Solihull for additional amenities, e.g. shopping and access to the M42 for access to Birmingham and the motorway network. Additional houses the wrong side of Knowle will increase the burden of traffic on Knowle High Street, particularly in rush hour periods and school runs.

More details about Rep ID: 9020

Representation ID: 9012

COMMENT Mrs Elizabeth Hulse


I support the comments made on behalf of the KDBH Neighbourhood Forum.

Cannot support allocation due to complete lack of information on which to make a decision. No viability study available regarding the relocation of Arden Academy. No traffic impact study available. Moving the school will move traffic congestion to new location. Primary school details unavailable. Scale and visibility of development will have an unacceptable impact on surrounding area. Cost of relocating school will take all CIL so none available for other the community assets.

More details about Rep ID: 9012

Representation ID: 8992

OBJECT Claire Tucker


The site is within green belt & development should only occur when there are no sequentially preferable sites available in the borough not just kdbh. A substantial number of houses are being put forward in the kdbh area which will change the character of the area significantly notwithstanding the recently built housing developments that have already seen increased pressures on existing infrastructure whether that be highways, education, open space play provision etc & erode the green openness that currently exists. The high density development fronting Station Rd is out of character on option 2

More details about Rep ID: 8992

Representation ID: 8977

SUPPORT Councillor M McLoughlin


Yes. However, there are concerns over the relocation of Arden School. The phasing would need to be coordinated in such a manner so as not to reduce Secondary School place provision during the work.
This particular component requires careful planning and monitoring of future demand for Secondary School places at what could be a critical time. With Secondary School pupil numbers set to grow by 20% over the next decade, it should be considered that the new Arden School site factors in potential additional student capacity in its design.

More details about Rep ID: 8977

Representation ID: 8913

COMMENT Sport England (Mr Rajvir Bahey)


The proposed allocation contains Arden Academy which has an AGP and several playing pitches. The local plan consultation document and site allocations masterplans identify that the School could be relocated subject to a number of factors. Should the school be relocated the playing fields and the AGP should be replaced in line with the requirements of NPPF paragraph 97 and Sport England's Playing Fields Policy. The replacement playing pitches, AGP and ancillary facilities should be constructed in accordance with Sport England's and relevant National Governing Bodies guidance.

More details about Rep ID: 8913

Representation ID: 8897

SUPPORT Kler Group represented by Cerda Planning Ltd (Clare Garrad)


- Update of the evidence base re-enforces and re-supports the allocation of the site.
- Kler Group Ltd have engaged consultants dealing with a range of issues in relation to the site. All the evidence supports inclusion of the site.
- Consider that the housing requirement for Solihull will increase in order to meet requirements of the wider Housing Market area so those already identified will need to increase their effectiveness.
- The Representation gives detailed comment on the draft Concept Masterplan for the site including: (I) Access and Highway Capacity, (ii) Biodiversity (Area mapped as LWS is incorrect),(iii) Landscape and trees and (iv) Heritage.
- Notional yield of 600 houses for the site is low and does not fairly reflect the constraints and opportunities which the site presents
- The Council should re-visit the Concept Masterplans for Site 9 in order identify the actual deliverable yield from the site and in turn inform the residual housing requirement required of the other 'green' proposed allocations.

More details about Rep ID: 8897

Representation ID: 8893

OBJECT Paul & Anne Wilson Ramsay


Objection to development of Site 9 South of Knowle within existing Green Belt.
Visual impact of openness in the green belt on approach to Knowle along the A4141 will be lost.
Photographic evidence is available of the quality of openness of fields and trees along Warwick Road.
SMBC have redesignated Lansdowne House and 1817 Warwick Road onto Brownfield land register, without apparent consultation with neighbours. Tree felling occurred at Lansdowne House which has reduced the quality of the landscape here. No consideration has been given to mains services to proposed housing, including electricity, gas, water supply, mains drainage, telecommunications.

More details about Rep ID: 8893

Representation ID: 8832

SUPPORT Lisa Taylor


Arden School to be relocated to an alternative location on the site, with residential development on the site of the existing Academy.

More details about Rep ID: 8832

Representation ID: 8773

OBJECT Mrs Jill Collins


The Warwick Road is currently heavily congested in the mornings and evenings. It just could not cope with the extra traffic generated by 600 homes on site 9.
Parking in Knowle is extremely difficult now. There is simply no space to accommodate any more cars. There would not be sufficient parking in Dorridge either.
The small new proposed primary school would not be able to cope with all the children from the new houses on sites 8 and 9 - especially if the current Catholic primary school is closed and the site used for even more housing.

More details about Rep ID: 8773

Representation ID: 8769



Support the proposal to relocate Arden Academy to alternative location to provide new school buildings and associated facilities.

More details about Rep ID: 8769

Representation ID: 8735

OBJECT Mr Steve Coathup


This single site carries a hugely disproportionate share of the future needs of the borough. I do not accept that the land has a " medium landscape character sensitivity and low visual sensitivity and the landscape value of the area is medium".Expert testimony from Pegasus (reference paragraph 3) makes a sound case for excluding this site from the plan. The spatial strategy refers to the need for balance between large scale and dispersed developments. There is no evidence that this objective will be achieved by developing this site to the extent envisaged.

More details about Rep ID: 8735

Representation ID: 8717

COMMENT Mr Nicholas Shepherd


I feel too many new houses are proposed for Knowle and Site 9 in particular is very large. I would prefer to see any new housing divided more equally with Dorridge and Bentley Heath. If this level of housing is genuinely needed, then I would support Site 9 but only if the redevelopment of Arden Academy forms part of the overall plan. The school is in need of significant works and this appears to be the only way to achieve them. I would object to development of Site 9 without a new school being built as part of it.

More details about Rep ID: 8717

Representation ID: 8710

OBJECT Mr Michael Harper


Concept Masterplan
There is a section of the site running alongside and adjacent to Grove Road, specified on the plan to be "Low Density". This is highly desirable but I would suggest that it is taken one step further and left as open space - if considered appropriate I would suggest Public open space.

More details about Rep ID: 8710

Representation ID: 8685

SUPPORT mr Karan Goswami


This site has all the positive features which make it one of the best sites in the borough. It can accommodate more new houses than the allocated numbers as well as provide significant benefits to the local people.

More details about Rep ID: 8685

Representation ID: 8678

SUPPORT Ms Malika Goswami


This is the best site which can accommodate more new houses than what has been allocated by SMBC, therefore I fully support it.

More details about Rep ID: 8678

Representation ID: 8677

COMMENT St George and St Teresa Catholic Primary School (Miss Michelle Flanagan)


St George and St Teresa School would like to relocate to Site 9 in the same way as the plans for Arden School
This would result in a 2FE Catholic school. The School has undertaken a comprehensive options appraisal and moving to the new site 9 is clearly the preferred option
St George and St Teresa School have been in continuous contact with Arden School for a number of years and know we would be supported by Arden. The school has the support of key local stakeholders (Councillors and politicians)
The new shared facilities would provide excellent opportunities for learning for the children of Solihull

School is consistently oversubscribed and future demand suggests this will continue. This is likely to increase substantially in line with the anticipated growth illustrated in the Draft Local Plan. St George and St Teresa school's catchment is large and will typically pull children from the Solihull areas East of M42. .
Expansion of Primary School places East of the M42 in the Borough has exclusively been in the state sector for many years now, it would make sense to expand St George and St Teresa Catholic Primary School and so providing first class Primary School provision in this part of Solihull
Potentially releasing the current St George and St Teresa site, as it in the call for sites, could release pressure point e.g. for traffic etc surrounding Dorridge school and other adjacent areas

More details about Rep ID: 8677

Representation ID: 8669

SUPPORT Mrs Kavita Goswami


This is an ideal site for new housing / mix use development and we fully support it

More details about Rep ID: 8669

Representation ID: 8667

SUPPORT Mr Ved Goswami


Ideal site for new development

More details about Rep ID: 8667

Representation ID: 8656

OBJECT Mr Andrew Moore


This is over development with no plans for increased road traffic and congestion that will be created by 2 new schools and circa 1200 new homes, Knowle and its High Street are a conservation area that can barely cope with the traffic currently let alone the increase in construction traffic and subsequent traffic created.
Smaller sites spread throughout the Borough have less impact on areas and communities.Also situated along side the motorway corridors which have not been developed yet will help road congestion. Knowle, Dorridge and BH have more car use than other areas due to lack of public transport.

More details about Rep ID: 8656

Representation ID: 8645

SUPPORT Mr Ken Currran


Excellent site for new development

Option 1 ( School remains at current site)-- SUPPORTED

Option 2 ( School moved to new site) - OBJECTED- will cause chaos & access problems,

More details about Rep ID: 8645

Representation ID: 8634

OBJECT Mr Andrew Freeman


Site 9 should not be included as in principle objection due to overriding importance of green belt, poorly performing in terms of Spatial Strategy/Sustainability Appraisal. Inadequate regard for landscape value and capacity, traffic impacts. Quantum of housing in relation to community/infrastructure benefits, which are unclear, not justified by viability assessment. Large parts of site not accessible. Future of Arden Academy not resolved, suitability of replacement site not demonstrated, no clarity on need for primary school. Option 1 poorly integrated with existing built-up area.
Concept masterplans need strengthening to refer to important features that may need to be retained/constraints, safeguard landscape/biodiversity, secure new structural planting/ provision of open space and wildlife corridors, limit extent of development, consider densities, confirm position of Lansdowne House and introduce appropriateness of Supplementary Planning Guidance/Design Coding.

More details about Rep ID: 8634

Representation ID: 8632

COMMENT Mr Kar Karan


a) . I support Option 1 where Arden school remains at its current location

b) I object to Option 2 wherein Arden school is relocated to the new site-

More details about Rep ID: 8632

Representation ID: 8622

COMMENT Mr Gordon OConnor


I support and endorse the response of KDBH Forum

More details about Rep ID: 8622

Representation ID: 8619

COMMENT Mr Gordon OConnor


I support and endorse the response of KDBH Forum.

More details about Rep ID: 8619

Representation ID: 8618

COMMENT Mr Gordon OConnor


I support and endorse the response of KDBH Forum

More details about Rep ID: 8618

Representation ID: 8597

OBJECT Mr Brian Hillman


Site 9 is not suitable as allocated site due to being Green Belt with a wonderful aspect as you approach Knowle/Dorridge village. There would be a safety issue of 600 x 2 vehicles per household entering and exiting the proposed development. The settlement of the Villages would be irrevocably damaged and would just be a compacted sprawl of houses.

More details about Rep ID: 8597

Representation ID: 8585

OBJECT Warwickshire Wildlife Trust (Mrs Annie Ottaway)


We therefore object to all the concept plan options as they all indicate the loss of the grasslands which haven't been surveyed. We wish to see a concept plan that retains all areas of species rich grassland on a precautionary approach until such a time that a LWS survey indicates they would not qualify and are therefore less than of county significance.

More details about Rep ID: 8585

Representation ID: 8548

OBJECT Mrs Sarah Letters


I do not believe that site 9 should be included as an allocated site, as it would be an enormous increase in the number of houses and I particularly object to building on green belt land when there are brownfield sites available elsewhere in the borough. Greenbelt land should only be used as the last resort, as it can never be replaced.
The pressure on infrastructure caused by a development of the proposed size would be very damaging and it is not easy to see how Station Road, for example, could cope with the additional traffic.

More details about Rep ID: 8548

Representation ID: 8544

SUPPORT Cushman &Wakefield on behalf of Strategic Land and Property Team of SMBC (acting in the Council’s capacity as land owner) represented by Cushman and Wakefield (Miss Hannah Bevins)


Supports release of this land to provide a sustainable location for the development of new homes to help the Borough achieve its housing requirement. The land does not fulfil the five purposes of the Green Belt as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF, 2018). SMBC land ownership extends to approximately 46ha immediately to the rear of Station Road, including the Arden Academy site and playing field. Are aware of the aspirations of the Academy and the Arden 2020 'The New Arden - A Centre for Community Learning' consultation being undertaken by the school. The remainder of Site P09 is in different ownership but the Council are keen to work with other landowners to develop a comprehensive master plan. PO5 is located close to central Knowle with existing road infrastructure connecting the site along the A4141 to Solihull and further afield to Warwick and Leamington Spa. The site is within a mile radius of Knowle and Dorridge High street centres, Dorridge train station and bus stops for services to surrounding areas. The site has clear, strong defensible boundaries with the A4141 Warwick Road to the east, Grove Road to the south and the built up residential area of Knowle to the north and west. A parcel of land within the west of the proposed allocation is currently being built out for residential use. In advance of the Submission Draft consultation , SMBC Strategic Land and Property are proposing to engage with other landowners to develop a comprehensive masterplan for the delivery of the site.

More details about Rep ID: 8544

Representation ID: 8524

OBJECT Kier Living Ltd


SHELAA housing trajectory demonstrates that Council is relying on a number of large-scale strategic allocations to deliver dwellings early in the Emerging Plan period. Site 9 comprises 9 separate areas/ownerships with no indication consortium or agreement formed. SHELAA identifies 50% of site constrained by contaminated land/landfill site and unclear that this could be remediated to deliver development within 5 years. Decision on possible relocation of Arden Academy an added complication. Plan should require site-wide masterplan/development brief to be approved before applications made. Without agreement, high risk that 400 dwellings will not be delivered in first 5 years.

More details about Rep ID: 8524

Representation ID: 8518

SUPPORT Mrs Kathleen Hillyer


I support the proposal to move Arden School to another site within the locality .

More details about Rep ID: 8518

Representation ID: 8513

SUPPORT Mr David Hillyer


Concept master plan - We would support the option which allows the school to be moved to a new location with a new building.

More details about Rep ID: 8513

Representation ID: 8504

COMMENT Arden Academy & Mr V Goswami (Executive Principal represented by Urban Vision Partnership Ltd (Mrs Janette Findley)


This representation is made on behalf of the governors of Arden School, Station Road, Knowle, and Mr Ved Goswami. We firmly support the proposed allocation of Site 9 for housing and associated infrastructure, to include a new Arden Centre for Community Learning (ACCL). We therefore support Concept Masterplan Option 2 in principle, but with the caveat that the site presents the scope to realise a greater overall housing capacity than the estimated total of 600 dwellings assumed. This will be essential in order to make Option 2 commercially viable.
Arden School Governors aspire to create a new Arden Centre for Community Learning.
Rationale for redevelopment:
Bulk of premises no longer fit for purpose
Hindering students' potential for attainment and wider community use
Patchwork of development on site from previous extensions.
Renovations no longer possible
Updating current site would take 10 years, and cost £18M, which is not financially viable
Parts of building over 50 years old
Not energy efficient to heat, costs an additional £100K/year to run.
Site at capacity, insufficient school facilities and in poor condition in areas
ACCL will provide new community facilities such as gym, pool, private nursery, potential new primary school, recreation areas, multi-games area, drama/music rooms etc.
Option 2 is only viable option.

More details about Rep ID: 8504

Representation ID: 8501

SUPPORT Mrs Amy Fallis


A unique opportunity to enhance local facilities and secure state of the art educational opportunities for our young people.

More details about Rep ID: 8501

Representation ID: 8475

OBJECT Mrs Lyn Holtham


The Concept Masterplans demonstrate that the School proposals can be accommodated in the northern part of the site IF PROVED VIABLE.
The Crestwood Landscape Assessment prepared for the KDBH Neighbourhood Forum is clear that the land south of Cuttle Brook is high quality Green Belt and and could only be developed at low density. It should be removed from the proposed allocation and alternative higher density potential sites should be considered in other areas of KDBH.

More details about Rep ID: 8475

Representation ID: 8474

OBJECT Mrs Lyn Holtham


It has not been proven that the school can justify the proposed relocation or that the land swap will generate sufficient funding. Would that divert CIL payments away from other local projects and facilities?
The Headmaster has said at one time that the School only 'needs' 450 new dwellings to support their proposal and therefore the allocation of further land in the south of the Triangle is not warranted considering A) the loss of high quality Green Belt landscape, B) the damaging impact on the setting of Knowle and C) the additional traffic activity at peak times.

More details about Rep ID: 8474

Representation ID: 8469



Whilst I do not totally support the number of houses/units being planned for this area, I do support site 9, option 2 which has been developed with Arden school's involvement, BUT ONLY on the condition that the school does not increase any further in size, I.e. no larger than a 10 form entry school.

More details about Rep ID: 8469

Representation ID: 8465

COMMENT SOS Limited (ms anne hem)


Support option 1 of no reocation of school

Object to 2- school should not be moved

More details about Rep ID: 8465

Representation ID: 8462

SUPPORT mr Kan Karan


Support -option 1- school should remain on its existing sitewith development on surroung sites

Object option 2- school should not be relocated

More details about Rep ID: 8462

Representation ID: 8458

SUPPORT Ms Mali malika


Concept masterplan -I support option 1 and not not option 2 of the publised options.

Reasons:Relocating the school to new site will:
- only displce traffic congestion to other sites.
- will require increased alloaction of houses to make new school construction

- I support option 1 to fullfill need for new houses required in the burrow

More details about Rep ID: 8458

Representation ID: 8453

SUPPORT Mrs Laura Dunne


Support for option 2 only.
If the houses have to be built, then there should be benefit for the community in the shape of a new school and community facilities.

More details about Rep ID: 8453

Representation ID: 8445

OBJECT Councillor M Wilson (Councillor Mark Wilson)


Objection to the relocation of Arden School. I think it should stay in it's present position on the site. Some of the buildings are less than 10 years old and there was extensive redevelopment of the site prior to it becoming an Academy. There was a huge amount of public investment when it was an LEA School and it would be most inefficient to demolish perfectly good Educational Buildings. I am concerned it would be, in effect, a Private enterprise profiting from the investment of the public purse. Notwithstanding this significant issue, relocation will course upheaval to the students' education.

More details about Rep ID: 8445

Representation ID: 8440

OBJECT Nick Ager


Should not be allocated as it is valuable attractive green belt with a wide range of wildlife habitats. There is insufficient road capacity to cope with further significant development in this area of Knowle. Development would damage the character of the village and be out of keeping with the rural setting.
Site is some distance from Dorridge railway station. Any development in this area should be south of the site close to the existing Middlefield development and away from Warwick Road. Access points to Warwick Road dangerous. I do not believe that Arden Academy needs to be relocated.

More details about Rep ID: 8440

Representation ID: 8410

OBJECT Mrs Faye Doble


This is Green Belt. There are other sites nearer to M42 which gives access to employment areas which would be better considered for development. These are land either side of the M42 near Jct 4&5 and The Silhillians complex.
Development of the Arden Triangle will adversely affect traffic congestion/pollution in Knowle.

More details about Rep ID: 8410

Representation ID: 8400

OBJECT Roger Atkinson


This number of houses, in addition to the Hampton Road numbers, is simply too much for the area. It will change the village character of Knowle forever. Knowle is often gridlocked at the moment - especially late afternoon and early evening. This will make the position impossible. Why is all the major development in Knowle - the burden should be shared between Knowle and Dorridge

More details about Rep ID: 8400

Representation ID: 8376

OBJECT Mr Harvey Scriven


Strongly against the policy of any expansion into the green belt, including this site. There is no proven case to build in the green belt.
The scale of proposed development is inappropriate for the size of the village.
By encouraging development in the green belt, you are directly contravening government policy, specifically:" The Government attaches great importance to Green Belts. The fundamental aim of Green Belt policy is to prevent urban sprawl by keeping land permanently open; the essential characteristics of Green Belts are their openness and their permanence."

More details about Rep ID: 8376

Representation ID: 8375

SUPPORT Mr Graeme Chaplin


Arden school premises are not fit for purpose - they are far too small for current pupil numbers and extremely old. New buildings would reduce running costs and provide an educational setting which would promote learning & achievement. I support Option 2 as the only practical way of achieving that improvement, given the lack of funding available to rebuild otherwise.

More details about Rep ID: 8375

Representation ID: 8373

SUPPORT Mrs Julie Irvine


Arden academy is in need of new buildings as its current ones were not designed to last this long and in serious need of repair. change of use of the site and a movement of the school to a new site with new up to date facilities will benefit both the children and the community.

More details about Rep ID: 8373

Representation ID: 8315

OBJECT Mr Gregory Lowson


A new, larger school is unnecessary and will cause traffic chaos.
This land is green belt. The mayor has only recently said that green belt land should not be used.
The development will destroy the approach to Dorridge and its separation from Knowle.
The Crestwood report has identified the landscape and environmental objections to it. The report specifically highlights the existing ribbon development on Grove Road and its low capacity for development in order to preserve the current character of that road and its character as an approach to Dorridge. Grove road is a minor local road.

More details about Rep ID: 8315

Representation ID: 8305

OBJECT Mrs Marjorie Archer


The houses in Grove Road should remain a "washed over" Green Belt and the land to the north between Grove Road and Knowle centre should remain Green Belt to provide a clear boundary to the existing residential area of the village

More details about Rep ID: 8305

Representation ID: 8268

OBJECT Mr David Power


Destroying Green Belt land south of Knowle for houses is not the right decision in my opinion, the plan is not thought out and excessive for the reasons set out in the Knowle Society document attached. See paragraphs at the bottom of page 4 & top of page 5 which I support. Also see Crestwood Environmental report dated 09/01/19 (prepared for KDBH Forum) which examines the vital environmental constraints and concludes that if development is to take place at all it should be restricted to land north of the footpath across the middle of the site.

More details about Rep ID: 8268

Representation ID: 8267

OBJECT Mr Adrian Baker


I firmly believe that the large area of Green Belt land south of Knowle for residential development is too large as set out by the Knowle Society document previously attached. The relocation of the Academy option is NOT a good enough reason to build 600 homes on this site. The Crestwood Environmental report dated 09/01/19 (prepared for KDBH Forum ) advises that IF any development takes place this should be restricted to the north of Cuttle Brook due to access and environmental constraints

More details about Rep ID: 8267

Representation ID: 8220

OBJECT Mrs Helen Baker


The Knowle Society Document dated Feb 2017 illustrates that including this large area of Green Belt land south of Knowle for residential development is flawed and excessive. If any development is considered it should be only to the north of the footpath across the middle site.

More details about Rep ID: 8220

Representation ID: 8186

OBJECT Mr Don Grantham


The inclusion of the significant area of Green Belt land south of Knowle for residential development is excessive, and flawed for the reasons set out in the Knowle Society document. Specifically the paragraphs at the bottom of page 4 & top of page 5 are well reasoned and I support them completely. Also I would refer you to the Crestwood Environmental report dated 09/01/19 (prepared for KDBH Forum) covering the vital environmental constraints and concludes that if development is to take place at all it should be restricted to land north of the footpath across the middle of the site.

More details about Rep ID: 8186

Representation ID: 8147

OBJECT Mr Martin Archer


The Crestwood Arden Triangle Landscape Assessment was produced which makes clear the inadvisability of building further south than Cuttle Brook and the Right of Way.I think very serious note should be taken of this assessment

More details about Rep ID: 8147

Representation ID: 8136

COMMENT Dr David Gentle


The site is too big and poorly located. The boundaries are problematic. Access routes will exacerbate traffic congestion, parking problems and pollution.
There are issues of LA funding priorities with Option 2. The scheme has grown beyond its original concept, entailing the allocation of massive public funding to one establishment. Option 1 would give the LA more flexibility in addressing more urgent needs.
Need to address street view - concern at what is meant by 'perimeter block development to encourage active streets'.
Lack of clarity about the proposal for the Music/Drama block.

More details about Rep ID: 8136

Representation ID: 8112

OBJECT Gill Corns


I object to the plans for such a large area of residential development on Green Belt land also to the words used suggesting that it is in "a moderately performing parcel of Green Belt". This is an important area of Green Belt that contributes to the character of Knowle and the local flora and fauna. See Crestwood Environmental Report of 09/01/19 which underlines the environmental importance of the area and I wholeheartedly agree with them that building should be restricted north of the footpath across the centre of the site. I support the Knowle Society document Page 4 & 5

More details about Rep ID: 8112

Representation ID: 8050

OBJECT Naomi Sheard


This is too many homes and will change the dynamic of the neighborhood. The infrastructure can not support this number of homes.

More details about Rep ID: 8050

Representation ID: 8028

OBJECT Mrs Jill Hillman


The Crestwood Arden Triangle Landscape Assessment gives full information why development should not extend any further south than Cuttle Brook and the Right of Way. Arden School only needs refurbishing as the entrance off Station Road is convenient and Safe. The proposed new site will mean cars and children accessing through a housing development. The 600 houses development is over development in a confined area which is already under pressure regarding infrastructure. Warwick Road and Grove Road are both inadequate roads to have a major development entering and exiting - major safety issue. The area should stay as Green Belt.

More details about Rep ID: 8028

Representation ID: 8023

OBJECT Mr Ian Leedham


- Arden school has had considerable investment with construction of a £1m Multi Use Games Area and new buildings which have cost millions to furnish.
- There have not been returns on these investments and reselling the land is a dubious use of S106.
- The village is already over capacity, with traffic congestion and limited infrastructure.
- The Arden land is green belt with wildlife and protected features and trees. There has already been considerable loss of green belt land in the area.

More details about Rep ID: 8023

Representation ID: 8011

SUPPORT Mr & Mrs D Green


We support Site 9 (Option 2). If this site comes forward it should include the new secondary school. Without the school the site is not justified. The new secondary school is fully supported.

We do not support Site 9 (Option 1) as it excludes the school.

More details about Rep ID: 8011

Representation ID: 8001

OBJECT Mr Michael Doble


If it is deemed necessary to develop this site, as it will be served by the Warwick Road, Station Road and hence the High Street, the additional traffic entering these already busy and narrow roads will cause considerable congestion especially in the High Street which is often part blocked by delivery vehicles. In which case any additional development to meet the housing numbers required should be located to the West or North of the village close to the M42 motorway. This would help limit congestion in Knowle village and be closer to the main centres of employment .

More details about Rep ID: 8001

Representation ID: 7947

OBJECT Mrs E Hedley


Do not believe Arden Academy needs to be relocated, as older buildings could be refurbished, and school caters from pupils outside area that should be educated elsewhere. Unless the school is re-located there is no wider community benefit from such a large scale development and far too many issues remain outstanding particularly traffic access and management. Development on the southern part would be particularly detrimental. Fragmented land ownership poses serious risk of piecemeal development. Please see the response from the Forum which I support and fully endorse.

More details about Rep ID: 7947

Representation ID: 7945

OBJECT Terry Corns


The inclusion of this large area of Green Belt land south of Knowle for residential development is flawed and excessive.
In particular the paragraphs at the bottom of page 4 & top of page 5 are well reasoned and I support them wholeheartedly. Also see Crestwood Environmental report dated 09/01/19 (prepared for KDBH Forum) which examines the vital environmental constraints and concludes that if development is to take place at all it should be restricted to land north of the footpath across the middle of the site.

More details about Rep ID: 7945

Representation ID: 7908

COMMENT Mr John Hornby


The findings of the Crestwood Environmental Landscape and Visual appraisal of the Arden triangle development (commissioned by the KDBH Neighbourhood Forum and published in January 2019) is new evidence that the Council needs to take into account as it develops proposals to be included in the next version of the Local Plan. In particular, the Council should adopt the report's proposal that the public right of way that runs east-west some 300m north of Grove Road should be the "natural limit to development" in this area.

More details about Rep ID: 7908

Representation ID: 7877

COMMENT Mr Alex Wiseman


I feel the number of houses proposed for the Arden Triangle is excessive.
This is due to the excessive demands this number would place on existing infrastructure (not only roads but also GPs, schools etc.)
A lower number closer to half of that proposed seems more acceptable.

More details about Rep ID: 7877

Representation ID: 7710

COMMENT Lucy Shepherd


Arden Academy desperately needs work so out of two options I would support option 2 and school relocation. However, I object to any high density housing given loss of green belt and dramatic change of character it would mean, particularly in light of poor existing developments (Middlefield). Knowle will not be a village if this continues. If we must have more housing, I support option 2 for new Arden and new primary school, but we need better public transport, low density housing to fit in with what is here already and no more widening of the catchment area for Arden.

More details about Rep ID: 7710

Representation ID: 7707

SUPPORT Mel Starling


New housing built will be able to access Knowle Dorridge and Bentley Heath easily
This site consists of moderately performing greenbelt. Build 750 houses here and improve Ardens sports facilities for all to use. Dentist and doctors surgeries already exist. Close to rail links bus services shops Supermarkets

More details about Rep ID: 7707

Representation ID: 7564

COMMENT Colin Davis


Ardens Academy's plans for high density housing should not be considered. Too many new developments in Solihull are cramped and poorly laid out.

More details about Rep ID: 7564

Representation ID: 7524

OBJECT Christopher Kiddle Morris


The Mind Garden should not be included within Site 9 to ensure for the long term these much needed mental health care facilities and the bio-diversity work undertaken.
The development of Site 9 whilst otherwise appropriate will further increase the current traffic jams at peak times on Warwick Road and Knowle High Street. Another route around the High Street needs to be found.
The siting of a new primary school as per Option 2 for Arden Academy will encourage parking to pick up children on Station Road adjacent to Purnells Way with high risk safety issues. Option 1 preferred

More details about Rep ID: 7524

Representation ID: 7517

COMMENT Mr Antony Stonehewer


The area 9 should be dependant upon the construction of a new secondary school with appropriate sixth form site. The current Arden schools buildings are in efficient and do not serve the pupils or the community. By constructing a new school at a better location will improve traffic along station rd and provided benefits to the community.

More details about Rep ID: 7517

Representation ID: 7511

SUPPORT mrs Sue Butler


I support Option 2

More details about Rep ID: 7511

Representation ID: 7446

SUPPORT Mark Irvine


Strong support for moving the school.
I do not support the plan retaining the school in its existing location

More details about Rep ID: 7446

Representation ID: 7391

SUPPORT Mr Stuart Whitehill


I feel that the best option for the current and future generations is to support site 9, option 2, making any new housing development on the Arden Triangle contingent on the provision of a new Arden academy (and Primary School to ensure sufficient access for the increased number of homes and maintain access for current homes to existing schools).

More details about Rep ID: 7391

Representation ID: 7374

OBJECT Golden End Farms represented by Delta Planning (Mr David Green)


Before allocating this site the Council needs to satisfy itself that the site is deliverable. The scheme is controlled by numerous landowners and requires complex infrastructure delivery. There has to be a concern about delivery of this site, and particularly over how long that could take. At best much of the housing will be delivered in the later stages of the local plan period.

The whole rationale and concept behind the site to date is that it would secure delivery of a replacement secondary school. Option 1 excludes this and objection is raised to this.

Please see full representation.

More details about Rep ID: 7374

Representation ID: 7334

SUPPORT Mr Mark O'Dwyer


Expansion of Primary School places east of the M42 has exclusively been in the state sector for many year now. St George and St Teresa Catholic Primary School is a high performing school that is is consistently over subscribed.
Support the expansion of St George and St Teresa Catholic Primary School to provide proportionate provision for Catholic places in this area
I would support the expansion on Primary School places on the Arden Triangle site. Support Option 2 and relocation of Arden Academy.

More details about Rep ID: 7334

Representation ID: 7287

SUPPORT Lucilla Lang


Support only with option 2

More details about Rep ID: 7287

Representation ID: 7285



Support only with Option 2

More details about Rep ID: 7285

Representation ID: 7279

COMMENT Mrs Jane Starling


I support the new primary school and some housing as if children lived close by there would be less traffic impact although I do not believe we need a 600 house development in a small village.

I do not think Arden School should be completely rebuilt although they may be some scope for updating parts of it. If the school mostly accepted children from catchment area this would reduce traffic at peak times

More details about Rep ID: 7279

Representation ID: 7264

SUPPORT Mrs Jovana Chaplin


Option 2, the rebuilding of Arden away from it's current site, would be by far the better choice. 3 of my children have attended the school in recent times and we can affirm from experience that the school is bursting at the seams, the buildings grimy and demoralising and even the pavements on the way to school packed to overflowing. A radical rebuild is surely necessary. The present site is just far too small for the current school population, let alone the significantly larger one you envisage for the future.

More details about Rep ID: 7264

Representation ID: 7250

COMMENT Mrs Adrie Cooper


KDBH NP should be taken into account. The new Arden School should be built but with 400 homes of the type referred to in the NP.

More details about Rep ID: 7250

Representation ID: 7244

SUPPORT Mrs Jennifer Whitehill


I support residential development on the site of the existing Arden Academy. I agree with Site 9 Option 2 being developed for housing that would enable the New Arden Academy - A Centre for Community Learning- to be built.

I do not support and oppose Site 9 Option 1.

The current Mind Garden must be left in its present location and size. I oppose any change to this.

More details about Rep ID: 7244

Representation ID: 7238

OBJECT Mrs Jayne Wood


Road infrastructure is a major concern. Already have significant traffic congestion in Knowle and surrounding area. Arden School has increased its intake from 8 to 10 forms, but only require 8 to satisfy the local community. A large number of pupils are from outside KDBH many from Birmingham postcodes. I cannot see that we require all the facilities Arden propose - we have an adequate Theatre in Solihull and plenty of gyms etc. Concerns that other schools in area will be neglected as funds will be concentrated on this ambitious plan.

More details about Rep ID: 7238

Representation ID: 7218

SUPPORT Mrs Katherine Lang


I support this with Option 2 only.

More details about Rep ID: 7218

Representation ID: 7217

SUPPORT Mr Robert Lang


I support the allocated site with Option 2 only. A new school is vital for support of this option

More details about Rep ID: 7217

Representation ID: 7201



A tremendous opportunity to have a much needed enhanced Academy, relieve Station Road traffic congestion and provide appropriate new housing with minimised financing needs. The village overall will benefit from this development which meets various needs all at the one time in addition to helping Solihull's new housing requirements. The village recently forwent the opportunity to have a new Village Hall and Waitrose store and cannot afford to pass up yet another opportunity.

More details about Rep ID: 7201

Representation ID: 7199

SUPPORT Christina Hyde


Development of this site could represent a huge benefit to the local area, but ONLY IF the opportunity was taken to build a new school and community facilities at the same time. The current school is outdated and energy inefficient and creates problems with parking at the beginning and end of the school day. A brand new school as proposed (Site 9, Option 2) would be a fantastic facility for the local students and community alike.

More details about Rep ID: 7199

Representation ID: 7183

OBJECT Mr Roger Cook


Strongly object to site being used for housing. However, if passed then Option 1 is the preferred option - Option 2 is not acceptable. The promised 'land swap' benefits of £30m advocated on Option 2 will never materialise. Developers have a track record of promising community benefits which are not delivered. The Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath residents survey in 2016 was only supportive of large scale housing provided community benefits were provided. This has to be delivered if Option 2 selected. Note that although I prefer Option 1 there are no community benefits promised for this concept.

More details about Rep ID: 7183

Representation ID: 7127

SUPPORT Mr B Bohanna



More details about Rep ID: 7127

Representation ID: 7087

OBJECT Janet Royle


I find it hard to believe land South of Knowle is 'medium landscape character sensitivity'. It is an attractive rural site and provides a green and pleasant entry to the village centre with much mature trees and wildlife - birds including nesting buzzards, bats, muntjac deer. It is being considered only because the landowners who stand to gain have submitted it.

It is wasteful and environmentally unsound to knock down existing School buildings - some of which have been relatively recently built at some expense.
(And why were academies given LA land for free to do as they please?)

More details about Rep ID: 7087

Representation ID: 7080



Concept Masterplan
I do not support the redevelopment of Arden Academy as described in option 2. It will impact adversely on the village environment and exacerbate the traffic situation even further. The school would have capacity for many more children from the immediate area if fewer were bused in from further afield. This also adds to the traffic problem. We should be encouraging families to school their children close to home, so they are able to walk.

More details about Rep ID: 7080

Representation ID: 7079

SUPPORT Mrs Michele Bull


I would like to see the community benefit from a new school and would, therefore, support Option 2, which includes building a new school on part of the land while using the site of the current school for housing.

I understand that the funds to enable the school to be built would be realised by the building of the new houses.

More details about Rep ID: 7079

Representation ID: 7074

OBJECT Mr Bob Holtham


This is no more logical as an extension to the settlement than any number of alternatives given that it would overload Knowle High Street.
If development is justified in support of improving or relocating the school(s) it should be limited to the area most accessible to the village centre and no further south than the LWS at Cuttle Brook as set out in the independent Landscape Assessment prepared for KDBH NF by Crestwood.
The Council should identify other potential allocations to take up any shortfall in required housing numbers as proposed by the Knowle Society.

More details about Rep ID: 7074

Representation ID: 7059

SUPPORT Mrs Claire Carter


I fully support the option to relocate Arden Academy on the site to ensure that any new housing brings the necessary investment into local infrastructure, notably the schooling. I do however oppose any new development that is not counter balanced by the full funding of a new Arden Academy & community facilities as these are already stretched & Arden is in desperate need of updating.

More details about Rep ID: 7059

Representation ID: 7014

OBJECT Mr David Phillips


I don't oppose the building of new houses on Arden traingle but do oppose the new school as it had a new block recently and is adequate. To build a school and then houses would double the length of construction time and have a greater impact. The safety of children walking to 5 schools is imperative- option 1 is least construction traffic and time. Another primary school isn't needed and would add to traffic as children out of catchment will fill places. Already a significant issue with parking and traffic which you are trying to address.

More details about Rep ID: 7014

Representation ID: 7013

OBJECT Mr David Lloyd


Green belt and local amenity should be protected. Development is inappropriate.

More details about Rep ID: 7013

Representation ID: 6999

COMMENT Lauren Reilly


I support only if the second concept is adopted. I.e relocating and building a new Arden Academy. If we are to build 600 new homes on green belt land there MUST be a benefit for the local community. The current school is not fit for modern day teaching and compared to other local authority schools is way behind the times.

More details about Rep ID: 6999

Representation ID: 6977

OBJECT James Hatton


I strongly object to any plans to build on green belt to the east of Knowle, becoming known as the Arden triangle, as this area is the real green belt around the greater Birmingham and Solihull conurbation, which should not be allowed to creep out any further. Also the access to this side of the village is essentially limited with no space for bypass or proper infrastructure. Roads in this area already struggle from significant over capacity at peak times.

More details about Rep ID: 6977

Representation ID: 6882

SUPPORT Mr Martin Murphy


This is an excellent opportunity to create a new community facility for the area. I believe there is scope to build more houses (900) to ensure the infrastructure requirements of the a local area are created. There will be amazing community benefit for young and old. Fantastic opportunity for the community

More details about Rep ID: 6882

Representation ID: 6861

SUPPORT Mr Tony Moon


The area identified , will provide the area with a new school and will stop the school of 1000 pupils etc emptying on to Station Rd, the school needs clear access and exits to several points to allow the pupils to disperse in to the surrounding area.
Access is an issue , however through good planning and development acess to the south of the area , east to Coventry , Poss Bypass to this area this will be minimised.

More details about Rep ID: 6861

Representation ID: 6830

OBJECT Mr David Roberts


The overdevelopment of Knowle with Hampton Road will create an enormous traffic jam at rush hour times. Over prescribed schools, doctors and car parking.

More details about Rep ID: 6830

Representation ID: 6712

OBJECT Mrs Patricia Platt


Knowle and Dorridge will no longer be villages as building 600 houses will totally change the area.

We certainly need smaller homes for the older people downsizing - most of the recent new ones built locally have 5/6 bedrooms.

A new Catholic primary school would be good but where will children of other faiths go when primary schools are already full?

More details about Rep ID: 6712

Representation ID: 6695

OBJECT Gillian Griggs


Too many outstanding issues regarding the justification for allocation. Future of Arden Academy not resolved, no comprehensive Masterplan meetings, or information on transportation impacts. Spatial Strategy one of worst performing. If Arden Academy not relocated, no community benefit/justification for site against others on S&E edge. Must include significant improvements to school. No indication of location for primary school or shops/health facilities. No indication of traffic impacts or how public transport will be improved. Topography/levels not addressed. Development in sensitive southern area should be limited/further justified. Density too high, should reduce N>S, W>E. Open space should be separate from natural areas, which should protect linkages and be deliverable. Future of Lansdowne House unclear. Strong structural planting required. Support recommendation that development should be subject to SPD/Design Code.

More details about Rep ID: 6695

Representation ID: 6687

OBJECT Mr Matthew Bragg


This land is green belt and a mixture of farmed arable and the extensive gardens and pastures surrounding 1860 Warwick Road.

Increasing the number of dwellings by 7.5%, will create further, unsolvable congestion and erode the character of the 'village'. The inclusion of the relocation of Arden school, whose numbers have swollen significantly over recent years is cynical when pupils travel into the area by train and car to attend.

More details about Rep ID: 6687

Representation ID: 6547

OBJECT Dr A Jickells


This is Green Belt land and there is no justification for it being lost to build.
The number of houses is too large and together with Site 8 would lead to a huge loss of character of the village.
The existing village facilities could not cope with the extra houses.

All the traffic would travel along the Warwick Rd into the village, making the existing traffic and safety issues worse.

More details about Rep ID: 6547

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