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Representations on Draft Local Plan - Supplementary Consultation - Question 22 - Infrastructure Requirements at Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Health

Representation ID: 10559

OBJECT Mr Roger Marshall


Infrastructure will not cope - roads are already busy
I don't believe that Knowle as a village has the capacity to cope with such a large influx of residents
Influx of people on the village will negatively impact the village

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Representation ID: 10536

COMMENT Severn Trent Water (Elaine Ring)


Severn Trent Water response:
Results of our high level sewer capacity assessment highlights some possible risks - of the proposed development on the sewerage and surface water network.
For most developments we do not foresee any particular issues. Where we consider there may be an issue we would discuss in further detail with the Local Planning Authority. Once detailed developments and site specific locations are confirmed by local councils, we are able to provide more specific comments and modelling of the network if required. We will complete any necessary improvements to provide additional capacity once we have sufficient confidence that a development will go ahead.
High Impact Sites in Knowle, Dorridge & Bentley Heath
Medium impact sites
* West of Newton Road, Knowle
* St George & St Teresa Catholic Primary School
* Norton Green Lane, Opposite Norton Green STW
* South of Knowle
* Hampton Road

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Representation ID: 10451

COMMENT Lauren Reilly


We cannot keep building new homes without improving the local amenities. Schools being one of the biggest concerns.

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Representation ID: 10369

COMMENT Mrs Jayne Wood


Road infrastructure is a major concern. Already have significant traffic congestion in Knowle and surrounding area. Arden School has increased its intake from 8 to 10 forms, but only require 8 to satisfy the local community. A large number of pupils are from outside KDBH many from Birmingham postcodes. I cannot see that we require all the facilities Arden propose - we have an adequate Theatre in Solihull and plenty of gyms etc. Concerns that other schools in area will be neglected as funds will be concentrated on this ambitious plan.

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Representation ID: 10134

SUPPORT L&Q Estates (Formerly Gallagher Estates) represented by Pegasus Group (Mrs Michelle Simpson-Gallego)


It is agreed that the infrastructure requirements set out are appropriate.

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Representation ID: 10112

COMMENT Mr Mark Whitehouse


Proposed development of sites 8 & 9 will put additional strain on an already overload Knowle high street
inclusion of Amber site 413 would push the system to breaking point
surrounding roads to Amber site 413 are rural and would not cope

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Representation ID: 10090

COMMENT Minton represented by DS Planning (Ms Donna Savage)


No objection in principle

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Representation ID: 10076

OBJECT Mr David Roberts


No. Arden School has 1500 places in 1-5th years and at capacity, can't take 1800. No new capacity envisaged. Inadequate schooling at junior/infant levels. Doctors overwhelmed. Station car parking cannot cope. No plans to alleviate problems. Public transport not properly assessed.

3 exits onto Warwick road from proposed Arden Triangle development will not relieve Station Road and is unrealistic. A41 busiest trunk road through a village in country. Overdevelopment of Knowle with Hampton Road will create enormous rush hour traffic jams without extra from new developments.

No assessment of extra load on M42 exacerbated by Arden Cross and HS2.

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Representation ID: 10048

COMMENT the landowners at Jacobean Lane represented by DS Planning (Ms Donna Savage)


No objection in principle

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Representation ID: 10008

COMMENT Stonewater represented by DS Planning (Ms Donna Savage)


No objection in principle

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Representation ID: 9968

COMMENT Rosconn Stategic Land represented by DS Planning (Ms Donna Savage)


No objection in principle

More details about Rep ID: 9968

Representation ID: 9921

COMMENT Generator (Balsall) & Minton represented by DS Planning (Ms Donna Savage)


No objection in principle

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Representation ID: 9867

OBJECT Mr Frank Arnold


Traffic and parking is already a growing issue.
Other infrastructure issues like schooling and access to Doctors - both
of which are already overloaded.
All of these issues need to be taken into account or else the whole
character of Knowle could be severely damaged.

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Representation ID: 9670

COMMENT West Midlands Police (Chief Constable) represented by Tyler Parkes Partnership Ltd (Mrs Glenda Parkes)


The absence of positive references to the need to provide Police infrastructure undermines the delivery of safe and secure development. There should be express reference to the need for financial contributions towards additional expenditure burden placed on WM Police as a consequence of the proposed growth. Seek engagement in preparation of Concept Masterplans and policy implementation and delivery once Plan adopted.

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Representation ID: 9560

COMMENT Richard Cobb Planning (Mr Richard Cobb)


Principle concerns are that the Arden triangle is likely to generate considerable additional traffic. The deletion of the Knowle Bypass was short sighted and should be restored to cater for the new traffic generated in the plan. Site 125 which was the old by pass route should not be released for housing but should be retained as an option route for a revived by pass. Centres of Knowle and Dorridge are already congested with little spare parking for shopping and in general. Dorridge Station has very little spare capacity. No provision for employment development is made.

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Representation ID: 9509

COMMENT The Knowle Society (Mr Andrew Marston)


Vague indications of infrastructure requirements are identified but these are not definitive proposals to enable a balanced and structured response.
Whilst the indicative requirements go some way towards meeting known problems, there is a lack of supportive details.
Without any essential details, not even the measurable impacts at various junctions which will have to be mitigated and how this can be achieved, the consultation is defective.

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Representation ID: 9478

COMMENT Heyford Developments Ltd represented by Lichfields (Mr Jon Kirby)


Heyford Developments agree with the need for Green Belt enhancements as encouraged by paragraph 138 of the NPPF.
Consider this provision should be incumbent for all housing development within the Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath areas for land that is to remain in the Green Belt to compensate for land that is taken up for development.
Heyford Developments highlight the ability of land at Blue Lake Road, under their control, to deliver such mitigation measures in the form of a new country park proposed for the eastern part of the site, included in the Vision Document at Appendix A.

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Representation ID: 9452

SUPPORT Hampton Road Developments Ltd represented by Savills (Mr Michael Davies)


We have reviewed the infrastructure requirements set out in paragraphs 222 - 233 and consider that this represents a reasonable list of measures that need to be addressed to support future development. A further detailed review of these requirements is anticipated at the planning application stage.

More details about Rep ID: 9452

Representation ID: 9437

COMMENT Open Spaces Society (Mr Richard Lloyd)


Play and open space provision - requirements for the provision of play spaces as part of potential development sites should be extended across the Borough. standards should be established with regard to the scale of provision; nearness to dwellings; phasing within the Plan period; the type and quantity of play equipment; lighting, over-looking and physical security; the segregation of public access from ecological areas; and the process for the adoption of these areas by the Local Authority

Master plan approach is welcomed, but should be extended to all part of the
Borough. the master plans need to become more tightly defined during the further
development of the Local Plan. Should show how the policies elsewhere in the Local Plan are to be implemented in each specific site. Should be clear allocation and protection of areas for public access, should be secured in perpetuity by the dedication of the land as a Village Green, or by dedication of access rights under section 16 of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. There is no mention in the Draft Plan of the designation of Local Green Space as set out in the NPPF para 99

In terms of green belt enhancements Potential improvements should be seen in the context of the agricultural use of much of the land, and of the prevailing Solihull Rights of Way
Improvement Plan 2016 (ROWIP). Best possible standards and practice should be applied for the physical state of the path network. Registration of unrecorded access rights should be encouraged and expedited. The Local Plan should also define how funding derived from developers will be applied to the other aspects of enhancements to the Green Belt.

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Representation ID: 9396

COMMENT Mr M Trentham


Local concerns about traffic congestion through High Street. Sensible move would be to create a new two-lane one-way system going clockwise via High Street, Station Road, and Lodge Road. Wilsons Road could be stopped up at its junction with High Street, with no parking in Kenilworth Road in order to allow free movement both ways.

New primary school will be required. St George and St Teresa Catholic School need to demonstrate that it has suitable replacement site and build a school before the existing site can be delivered. This should be shown in the plan or the existing site deleted.

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Representation ID: 9328

OBJECT Knowle, Dorridge & Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Forum (Mrs Jane Aykroyd)


The Council has identified most of the infrastructure requirements for the KDBH Area - but only in vague terms with no information on how such needs can be met or consideration of whether such development will be harmful to the settlement. Impacts on doctor's surgeries, pre school facilities and the capacity of Dorridge Station should be included. The lack of evidence on infrastructure impacts and mitigation is a serious omission.

More details about Rep ID: 9328

Representation ID: 9313

COMMENT Spitfire Bespoke Homes represented by Ridge and Partners LLP (Emma Greening)


In order to meet these ambitious infrastructure requirements in the local area, it will be necessary to allocate additional sites for development within the area.

More details about Rep ID: 9313

Representation ID: 9297

SUPPORT Duchy Homes Ltd represented by Barton Willmore Planning (Miss Hiteshree Kundalia)


Yes, we would agree. Our Site would be able to provide much needed housing within Dorridge, which is in a highly sustainable and accessible location. Furthermore, developer contributions from this development could assist in meeting the infrastructure improvements as identified within the consultation document

More details about Rep ID: 9297

Representation ID: 9270

COMMENT IM Land represented by Barton Willmore Planning (Ed Pigott)


Paragraph 220 states that a mix of market and affordable housing, as well as smaller market homes for young people wishing to remain in the area and specialist housing to meet the needs of older people will provided in the settlement. As can be seen within Appendix 3 there is the potential to provide extra care housing within the Site, as required, to benefit the area

More details about Rep ID: 9270

Representation ID: 9137

OBJECT Mrs Karen Allen


I object to development in this area; infrastructure (e.g.roads/doctors) can't support it. No development on Green Belt Land. Birmingham to use brown field sites. Do not relocate Arden Academy.

It is nonsense to say that improved public transport would be viable. If this statement were to hold true then we would already have good public transport provision, however this is not the case and public transport has recently deteriorated with the revised bus timetables. The level of income for the people in this area mean that they can afford cars. Parking at Dorridge railway station should remain free to encourage use of trains even if another deck was included. If a new Primary school is included it should be separate from Arden Academy. This area benefits from diversity in schooling and this needs to continue. This new primary school should be within local authority control.Section 106 funding should not be used to relocate Arden Academy. The section 106 money is needed for other infrastructure improvements and facilities.
We already have a swimming pool and theatre within 4 miles and it is unlikely that the area could financially support another of each. Doctors are already oversubscribed in the area. Objects to Solihull and in particular Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath being used to provide the Wider Housing Market Area allocation; there are plenty of derelict and brown field sites in Birmingham that should be built on first and definitely before any green belt land is built on. Roads in this area are unable to accommodate additional traffic, particularly Station Road and Widney Road.

More details about Rep ID: 9137

Representation ID: 9135

OBJECT Dr Paul Rylah


Of course it would be great to have all these improvements- but there is absolutely no guarantee that any will materialise. It's exactly the same nonsense being propagated by the Arden Chief Executive, promising a new school with every facility you could ever dream of having - but with no budget certainty and a complete suspension of reality. There simply won't be a sufficient dividend from these developments to fund all these infrastructure improvements, and no one is going to prioritise swimming pols and theatres over other far more pressing infrastructure improvements. Which improvements will we get in reality?

More details about Rep ID: 9135

Representation ID: 9122

COMMENT Mr Russell Blake


I support the comments of the KDBH forum neighbourhood plan response.

In addition personally I believe that there is not enough detail provided here regarding the scope and impact of these infrastructure requirements to meet the suggested housing need in Knowle and surrounding area.

Why has the spatial strategy of the Council not been updated at the same time as this review. As it may address impact questions.

I am also concerned that no weight is given here to the impact which the anticipated infrastructure changes will have for example on planning considerations for green belt and heritage / conservation.

More details about Rep ID: 9122

Representation ID: 9121

COMMENT Mr John Allen


With approximately 20,000 people already living in this area, to promote a further increase in the population as an incentive to increase public transport is unbelievable, given the population density these should already be provided.

More details about Rep ID: 9121

Representation ID: 9118

OBJECT Mr Kym Soni


Scale of development incapable of being supported satisfactorily by Kenilworth and Warwick Roads.
No highway improvements could be made to cope with the additional commuter & school run traffic. Cyclists would find it risky because of parked cars.
Emergency vehicles would struggle to reach vulnerable people in time. Children would be exposed to pollution from stationary traffic.
Kenilworth Road is popular with walkers, who enjoy the ambience of the countryside & canal. Proven to have health benefits. Urbanisation by the proposed development would destroy that amenity.

More details about Rep ID: 9118

Representation ID: 9086

OBJECT Dr Lucy Hillman


The proposal to build 600-1000 homes in the Knowle and Dorridge area will affect greatly the nature of the villages. The infrastructure is not there, extra traffic through Knowle high street will ruin the nature of historic Knowle, the roads are already very busy, the schools full, the GPs surgery unable to meet local demands already. The infrastructure is not there to support the proposal. The fact that green belt land is being used is alarming when there are other much better suited areas to take this development closer to Solihull where there is better and more infrastructure.

More details about Rep ID: 9086

Representation ID: 9078

OBJECT Dr Linda Parsons


These suggestions for infrastructure, whilst laudable, are paving a way for overdevelopment of the area in particular Knowle.
Knowle would be destroyed by more development. The character of the village is paramount. It will not survive an influx of 2000 more people let alone all their cars.
Why does Hampton in Arden have the statement that it should be protected from excessive development to protect its character when Knowle does not? Knowle should and deserves to have the same protection.

More details about Rep ID: 9078

Representation ID: 9027



Given the amount of housing envisaged I do not see and indication that the impact of the palm on the provision of primary and secondary health care have been reflected in the infrastructure requirements for Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath. The increase in population is roughly equivalent to a whole GP list in Knowle alone and would also place significant pressure on hospital and community service and additional provisions to accommodate this activity will undoubtedly be required.

More details about Rep ID: 9027

Representation ID: 8974

SUPPORT Councillor M McLoughlin


Support growth as means to address affordable housing needs of area, which should take a larger share of housing. This could offset reductions in other areas where there are greater constraints, and provide a more proportionate distribution.
Development near to Dorridge Station should be prioritised strategically as a sustainable travel location. Defensible boundaries exist.

More details about Rep ID: 8974

Representation ID: 8972

COMMENT Mrs Elizabeth Hulse


I support the representations made on behalf of KDBH Neighbourhood Forum.

I am concerned about the primary school places, especially if development goes ahead on the St George and St Teresa Site.

A road infrastructure plan to cover the inevitable increase in traffic levels is required. Relocation of schools does not remove traffic problems simply moves them to the south of the village and onto the existing High Street.

More details about Rep ID: 8972

Representation ID: 8889

COMMENT Kler Group represented by Cerda Planning Ltd (Clare Garrad)


- Support the detailed assessment as to what is required for the settlement for the future since underpinning the Draft Local Plan Supplementary Consultation is an anticipation that KDBH will make a major contribution to accommodating not only the Borough's housing needs, but also those of the wider HMA.
- It is noted that paragraph 227 sets out a short justification for a new primary school in the area which is proposed on site 9.
- Masterplans only identify features of sites that 'may' need to be retained. Details would need to be refined through a iterative planning application process.

More details about Rep ID: 8889

Representation ID: 8727

OBJECT Paul & Anne Wilson Ramsay


Primary objection: Residential sites 8 & 9 in Knowle are allocated within existing green belt land.
Draft plan for 900 additional homes increases existing population in Knowle (census 2011) by 20%.
State funding for a new primary school should be financed through government not section 106 agreements. There is no mention of relocation of Arden School (10FE), or relocation of St George and St Teresa Catholic Primary School (1FE). There are no proposals to increase secondary places at Arden School. No consideration has been given to mains services to proposed housing, including electricity, gas, water supply, mains drainage, telecommunications.

More details about Rep ID: 8727

Representation ID: 8725

OBJECT Mrs Jill Collins


Impossible to improve highways to cope with traffic generated by developments on sites 8/9.
There is no way of widening Knowle High Street. Bypass plan has been abandoned, but that would not alleviate congestion between Knowle and M42/Solihull, neither would a one-way system round Knowle.
Warwick Road currently heavily congested in mornings/evenings. Add traffic from site 9 and it would be standstill. Traffic from site 8 at Hampton Road would cause gridlock.
Proposed small primary school would not cope with children from sites 8/9 - especially if current Catholic primary school is closed and site used for even more housing.

More details about Rep ID: 8725

Representation ID: 8682

SUPPORT mr Karan Goswami


I agree with the infrastructure requirements identified for Knowle, Dorridge & Bentley Heath,

More details about Rep ID: 8682

Representation ID: 8674

SUPPORT Ms Malika Goswami


I support the identified infrastructure requirements

More details about Rep ID: 8674

Representation ID: 8672

OBJECT Mr Steve Coathup


You state that the plan provides an opportunity for KDBH, what evidence or example do you have? You refer to potential extra off road parking provision but give no indication of where this might be. Do you have any calculations of requirement?
There is already great difficulty in arranging doctors appointments in the area. The 2 nearest practices are Knowle Surgery and Dorridge Surgery. Both may have to close their lists to new residents in order to maintain service levels. No account has been taken of extra traffic on Knowle High St, or the M42 junction.

More details about Rep ID: 8672

Representation ID: 8668

SUPPORT Mrs Kavita Goswami


I agree with the infrastructure requirements identified for the area

More details about Rep ID: 8668

Representation ID: 8666

SUPPORT Mr Ved Goswami


Agree with infrastructure requirements

More details about Rep ID: 8666

Representation ID: 8652

OBJECT Mr Andrew Moore


The absence of any detailed reports on the roads and congestion that will be generated by over development of the area known as the Arden triangle is of grave concern. Knowle is a conservation area and after the A41 was downgraded (now the A4177) when the M40 opened traffic decreased.
Now with the proposal of 2 new schools and circa 1200 new homes planned in the Arden Triangle with no plan or data whatsoever for the increased traffic seems absurd and negligent. Knowle High Street can barely cope with current traffic levels let alone the over development planned.

More details about Rep ID: 8652

Representation ID: 8643

SUPPORT Mr Ken Currran


I support the infrastructure requirements

More details about Rep ID: 8643

Representation ID: 8631

OBJECT Mr Andrew Freeman


There is no evidence that quantifies the likely pressure on existing infrastructure and whether such pressure can be satisfactorily mitigated.

More details about Rep ID: 8631

Representation ID: 8625

SUPPORT Mr Kar Karan


I agree with infrastructure requirements to meet the demands for additional housing

More details about Rep ID: 8625

Representation ID: 8613

COMMENT Mr Gordon OConnor


I repeat my response above and in particular stress that details need to be addressed and published as a priority.

(Supports response by KDBH Neighbourhood Plan in other representations)

More details about Rep ID: 8613

Representation ID: 8611

COMMENT Mr Gordon OConnor


I support and endorse the response of the Knowle Dorridge and Bentley Heath Forum. I accept that there may be need for new development but l expect the Council to adopt the measures set out in the KDBH neighbourhood plan and in particular l require detailed proposals in relation to infrastructure of highways, transport, education and recreation to be set out before any detailed residential development is approved as all of the existing infrastructure is already overstretched . If you want Solihull to be a beautiful place to live then this must be a priority.

More details about Rep ID: 8611

Representation ID: 8606

SUPPORT Liz Moloney


Relocate Catholic Primary St George & St Teresa

There are four new primary schools proposed in plan for this schoool's catchment. Demonstrate proportionality and common sense. Why not expand one of the most successful school's in the Borough - no faith cap as not new school

More details about Rep ID: 8606

Representation ID: 8591

OBJECT Kim Hulse


I support the levy and some of the improvements to the area, but all the proposed changes and volume of housing affects the very nature and community of Knowle.

I don't think the highway improvements are enough. I think the volume of traffic in the area, particular the main routes in and out will be significantly worse. It;s hard enough to cross certain roads safely now.

I don't think there are enough benefits to the community outlined above to pay for the volume of development (of course some is welcome)

More details about Rep ID: 8591

Representation ID: 8581

OBJECT Mr Brian Hillman


The local plan does not identify the various pinch points in the infrastructure which are obvious to local residents i.e. Knowle High Street, Warwick and Grove Road.

More details about Rep ID: 8581

Representation ID: 8536

OBJECT Mrs Sarah Letters


I believe that an increase of c. 600 homes in the Knowle area will damage the character of the settlement, for the worse and will put increasing pressure on infrastructure (roads, parking etc), that will not easily be remedied. I do not believe that it is only possible to address some of these infrastructure issues if there is a higher number of residents in the area; conversely I think these matters can and should be remedied before there is such a significant increase - which is greater than the amount proposed at any of the other sites.

More details about Rep ID: 8536

Representation ID: 8498

SUPPORT Mrs Amy Fallis


I think these are appropriate.

More details about Rep ID: 8498

Representation ID: 8472

OBJECT Mrs Lyn Holtham


The pressures on infrastructure identified for Knowle and in particular the Arden Triangle are a result of poor site selection and an over allocation of development on all the land south of Knowle. A) it will overload the village centre and create further congestion B) It will divert local/commuter traffic to Grove Road without any specific measures identified to deal with these problems and C) It will harm the historic setting and rural approach to Knowle by consuming so much valuable landscape. The allocation be reduced significantly and alternatives found elsewhere in KDBH.

More details about Rep ID: 8472

Representation ID: 8467



I do not believe enough consideration has been made in relation to services that need to be provided to all residents in this area. In particular, doctors & medical services and facilities for young people - they do not just go to green spaces and there isn't enough affordable facilities where they can go to locally to do activities or 'hang out' with friends.
Parking in Dorridge and Knowle on the roads has increased considerably due to the Dorridge train station. Consideration should be made to affordable parking in relation to any increase in parking facilities.

More details about Rep ID: 8467

Representation ID: 8463

SUPPORT SOS Limited (ms anne hem)


houghfull consideraton y thbe council

More details about Rep ID: 8463

Representation ID: 8460

SUPPORT mr Kan Karan


good prospects of develomen in our area

More details about Rep ID: 8460

Representation ID: 8456

SUPPORT Ms Mali malika


I support the infrastructure requirments

More details about Rep ID: 8456

Representation ID: 8454

SUPPORT Mrs Laura Dunne


Any house building would have to be accompanied by the appropriate level of infrastructure development. There is currently a shortage of appropriate parking in Knowle, it is hard to get doctors appointments, the traffic through the village at peak times can bring everything to a standstill. Speed reduction measures are not the answer - more houses will lead to more traffic, and so increased road and parking capacity needs to be provided.
Would new houses fall within catchment area for Knowle Primary Academy which is already over-subscribed? Developers should be expected to contribute to expansion to accommodate additional pupils.

More details about Rep ID: 8454

Representation ID: 8443

COMMENT Councillor M Wilson (Councillor Mark Wilson)


Whilst I do understand the infrastructure requirements for Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath, I do also note the absence of any plans to provide social housing in this area. There are less than 10,000 social housing units in the Borough, most are in the 4 of the Northern Wards (3 being the Regen wars), Shirley and Elmdon. For inclusive growth and community cohesion across the Borough, it must be considered to spread the social housing stock across the whole of Solihull.

More details about Rep ID: 8443

Representation ID: 8402

OBJECT Mrs Faye Doble


Only Knowle, not whole area. Does not meet NPPF objectives: Economic - houses only, no provision/infrastructure for more employment in area. Social - degrades what is enjoyed by existing community. Environment - massive increase in cars needed to commute to jobs away from area will increase pollution.
Parking improvements not needed as shopping online. Village commerce - restaurants/hairdressers/offices are replacing retail.
HIghways could not cope with extra traffic, adding pollution/frustration/discontentment.
Existing sports/open spaces good/affordable within 2 miles radius.
Affordable Smaller market homes are too small for active/homeworking families.

More details about Rep ID: 8402

Representation ID: 8398

COMMENT Roger Atkinson


Much more should be done to encourage walking and cycling - which should be prioritised over car use. At the moment cycling on Warwick Road and Station Road, among others, can be a very unpleasant experience.
Knowle and Dorridge should have a 20 mph limit in all built up areas

More details about Rep ID: 8398

Representation ID: 8374

OBJECT Mr Harvey Scriven


Need to determine what is an appropriate scale of development for the existing infrastructure. It is perverse to suggest that major development would result in increased bus services and provide better off street parking.
Pressure on school places is being exacerbated by increases in pupils from outside the area - with a knock on effect of causing increased traffic congestion.
Knowle has poor public transport, a narrow high street and very limited local employment.

More details about Rep ID: 8374

Representation ID: 8367

SUPPORT Mrs Julie Irvine


With the increase in older population there needs to be improved public transport to meet their needs. In addition Dorridge station needs increased parking provision to reduce the amount of on street parking which is being pushed out as far as Knowle with the added parking restrictions that are being put in place

More details about Rep ID: 8367

Representation ID: 8358

OBJECT David Sharpe


this section notes that highway improvements are likely at various locations. However this draft Plan fails to identify what improvements are likely or where. Such improvements may themselves have significant local impacts/land issues etc. and need to be identified and assessed as part of the site selection process and not just left for later assessment and consideration when sites may already have been taken forward.

Traffic, road improvements and infrastructure improvements etc are an essential part of a sites potential for development and need to be assessed at the early stage of site selection

More details about Rep ID: 8358

Representation ID: 8312

OBJECT Mr Gregory Lowson


A new school is unecessary. The road infrastructure isn't there to deal with it. The proposed new housing is on green belt and should not be allowed. The Crestwood report describes Grove Road as " a minor local road", the character of which preserves the landscape and approach to Dorridge, and whose landscape isn't suited for high density development.
There are plenty of other non green belt areas in the borough which are more suitable.

More details about Rep ID: 8312

Representation ID: 8301

OBJECT Mrs Marjorie Archer


The proposal is excessive. The current infrastructure will not cope.
See Sec 4 of Knowle Society Document with which I completely agree.

More details about Rep ID: 8301

Representation ID: 8251

OBJECT Mr David Power


I feel 1100 new homes in Knowle & Dorridge is excessive and will spoil the character of the two villages. The existing infrastructure will not cope and the feel of Knowle will be lost. The Plan does not address parking, schools and doctors etc.
I agree with section 4 of Knowle Society Document

More details about Rep ID: 8251

Representation ID: 8244

OBJECT Mr Adrian Baker


The proposal for circa 1100 new homes in Knowle & Dorridge is excessive and far more than 'other' area this will totally overwhelm the two villages. I believe the local infrastructure will not cope and seriously impact on the the character of Knowle. This plan does not address the infrastructure issues sufficiently and is far too many houses for our area to absorb as concluded in 'Knowle Society Document' which I agree with and have attached

More details about Rep ID: 8244

Representation ID: 8217

OBJECT Mrs Helen Baker


1100 new homes in the Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath area is excessive to say the least. The infrastructure is already challenging and the Plan does little to address the real issues. This amount of new homes will certainly ruin the character of the area.

More details about Rep ID: 8217

Representation ID: 8183

OBJECT Mr Don Grantham


The proposal for circa 1100 new homes in Knowle & Dorridge is absolutely excessive and will destroy the character of the villages. Current infrastructure is insufficient for the planned future demands, and will not cope, causing huge issues. The historic nature and traditional character of Knowle will be destroyed completely. The Plan does not at all address the infrastructure issues. I would point you to refer to Sec 4 of Knowle Society Document with which I completely agree.

More details about Rep ID: 8183

Representation ID: 8145

OBJECT Mr Martin Archer


I absolutely agree that further infrastructure requirements are needed but at present there is a complete lack of any proposals to deal with the likely effects of the Arden Triangle proposal or any other possible proposals to the South of Knowle and Dorridge.It is very important that these proposals are produced before moving forward.

More details about Rep ID: 8145

Representation ID: 8130

COMMENT Dr David Gentle


Dispute that KDBH is 'well placed to accommodate growth'.
Parking is insufficient with little scope for expansion.
Key roads are heavily congested during commuter times - the relief road would have helped.
The area is not 'well served' by health facilities.
Agree that affordable housing should primarily be for local young people and older residents favouring independence.
When considering 'a balance between character and efficiency' it must be borne in mind that 'character', contributing to the long-term quality of life for residents, should usually have priority over 'efficiency', that may link to profit.

More details about Rep ID: 8130

Representation ID: 8099

OBJECT Gill Corns


The whole character of Knowle & Dorridge will be irrevocably changed by the proposed number of new houses in the area.

The village traffic will become gridlocked

more thought needed about the area's infrastructure as stated in Section 4 of the Knowle Society Document which I attach

More details about Rep ID: 8099

Representation ID: 8040

SUPPORT Naomi Sheard


The necessity to move Knowle football should be questioned. In order for young people to access sporting facilities they should be within the community not on the fringes.

More details about Rep ID: 8040

Representation ID: 8021

OBJECT Mr Ian Leedham


- The current infrastructure struggles to cope and there is not the space to be able to accommodate more housing or new infrastructure within the local environment.
- The roads are congested and car park at Dorridge full by 6.30am.
- The recent expansion in housing in the area is already stretching the infrastructure and there is no space for anything further.

More details about Rep ID: 8021

Representation ID: 7956

OBJECT Mr Graham Bowskill


The local road network south of Knowle is totally inadequate to handle the preposed number of houses
This coupled with a proposed additional developement in Blue Lake Road of 340 housed would further exasperate the problem.
Infrastructure should be assessed (capacity) before allocating the site
I also fail to notice any adequate provision for Doctors/dentists or extra secondary school places

More details about Rep ID: 7956

Representation ID: 7938

OBJECT Terry Corns


The proposal for circa 1100 new homes in Knowle & Dorridge is excessive and will destroy the character of the two villages.The present infrastructure will not cope and the ancient character of Knowle will be destroyed. The Plan does not address infrastructure issues sufficiently. See Sec 4 of attached Knowle Society Document with which I agree wholeheartedly.

More details about Rep ID: 7938

Representation ID: 7929

OBJECT Mrs E Hedley


Infrastructure requirements have been identified in Knowle but only in very general, vague terms with no information as to how these are to be met or how harmful they will be to the village. The lack of information on transportation issues is a serious omission and addressing this only at the Submission stage wholly unsatisfactory. Sports and recreation facilities needed, but Hampton Road poorly located and larger than required. Please also see the response from the KDBH Neighbourhood Forum which I support and fully endorse.

More details about Rep ID: 7929

Representation ID: 7909

COMMENT Stratford on Avon District Council (Rosemary Williams )


It is recognised in the LPR that although KDBH do not have significant areas of employment (which could result in high levels of out-commuting) are all located in close proximity to the Strategic Highway Network. They do have a full range of facilities including both secondary & primary schools, health services and a range of shops, services and facilities and therefore is well placed to accommodate growth in excess of just its own local needs. For these reasons it is not anticipated that development here would have an adverse impact on infrastructure in Stratford- on- Avon District.

More details about Rep ID: 7909

Representation ID: 7786

OBJECT Mr Michael Doble


In excess of 1,000 new homes in Knowle will destroy the present village environment.
Occupancy of the new homes will most likely be by young people, who have cars and will not use public transport. This will further increase parking problems. Major road widening will be required, not just the tinkering suggested.
The football club is currently short of members and has failed to maintain its existing buildings and is unlikely be able to afford to run the proposed site.
The poor agricultural land North of Knowle, either side of the M42, is a more suitable site for proposed development.

More details about Rep ID: 7786

Representation ID: 7774

SUPPORT Mr Gurmukh Hayre


I agree that new housing should be spread and not heavily concentrated on Arden Triangle.

More details about Rep ID: 7774

Representation ID: 7706

SUPPORT Lucy Shepherd


Better public transport needed. Any increase in traffic through the High Street is concern due to pollution, potential damage to historic buildings. Re site 9, unclear how additional traffic will be accommodated. New primary school and affordable housing are needed but not at expense of all greenbelt flagged in site 9 -must there be so much new housing in Knowle on greenbelt as opposed to elsewhere? Loss of natural habitat is major concern. Prefer redeveloping Knowle precinct as brownfield mixed use site (similar to Sainsburys in Dorridge) given so many vacant units. This would reduce need for building on greenbelt.

More details about Rep ID: 7706

Representation ID: 7696

COMMENT Mel Starling


Young families do not use public transport to get to school or go shopping -inconvenient and expensive. The majority of parents use their cars
Parking at Dorridge and Widney Manor stations is at saturation point.
Hampton road is a dangerous road.
New additional Primary school is a necessity.
New secondary school is not a necessity
New football pitches will not be used/maintained

More details about Rep ID: 7696

Representation ID: 7516

COMMENT Mr Antony Stonehewer


I do not agree with the requirement of a new primary school the current schools are accepting children from outside the catchment area son there should be sufficient space in existing school one option is to ensure St George's and Theresa school takes children from all religious back rounds

More details about Rep ID: 7516

Representation ID: 7372

COMMENT Golden End Farms represented by Delta Planning (Mr David Green)


We are broadly in agreement with the infrastructure requirements identified for Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath. It is of note that our clients land at Golden End is well placed to help contribute towards many of these infrastructure requirements including the following: affordable homes and starter homes, housing for the elderly, additional parking for Knowle Primary School, potential improvements to highway junction capacity at Kenilworth Road/High Street, additional playing fields and public open space, and pedestrian links to the canal network.

More details about Rep ID: 7372

Representation ID: 7335

SUPPORT Mr Mark O'Dwyer


I support a new primary school on Site 9 - Arden Triangle and I support Option 2 (Arden Academy relocating to a new school site rather than remaining in its current position).

More details about Rep ID: 7335

Representation ID: 7306

COMMENT Mr David Pickering


The existing road infrastructure in and through Knowle is stretched to the limit at present, with major congestion at peak times. Adding further residential development to Knowle could result in complete gridlock at busy times, given the narrow High Street, and the dense network of junctions at Hampton Road / Lodge Road and Station Road / Kenilworth / Wilsons Road. Enhancements to encourage use of cycling (especially dedicated cycle lanes) and public transport would be welcome, but car use would inevitably increase, to the detriment of the quality of life of Knowle residents.

More details about Rep ID: 7306

Representation ID: 7267

COMMENT Mrs Jane Starling


Won't improve public transport. Most young families have 2 cars and never use buses.

Parking needs improving now, especially at Dorridge railway station, not when 1000 more houses are built.

What happens if site 8 is selected instead of/before site 9 and the new primary school? Where do these children go to school?

Proposed sports hub is dependent on football ground reallocation and existing site built upon. is this not just bribery/carrot dangling? There are no guarantees that a sports hub will materialise. The current club is certainly not welcoming to the wider public. Floodlighting would impact on surrounding houses.

More details about Rep ID: 7267

Representation ID: 7247

OBJECT Mrs Adrie Cooper


Please take note of KDBH Neighbourhood plan which reflects the views of the KDBH residents

More details about Rep ID: 7247

Representation ID: 7243

OBJECT Mr Christopher Price


What about secondary school places and health requirements. A new health centre.

More details about Rep ID: 7243

Representation ID: 7219

SUPPORT Mrs Katherine Lang


Any increase in housing must ensure that doctors surgeries are improved to support that increase

More details about Rep ID: 7219

Representation ID: 7086

OBJECT Janet Royle


As was clear from the recent consultation meeting at Arden Academy, road infrastructure has not been fully addressed. Presently Station Road, Warwick Road into the Village and along the High Street frequently become congested with long queues forming. This happens regularly in the day - at School drop off in the mornings and in the evening at the start of the evening rush hour. This is before the additional 600+ homes with associated cars.
Parking in the village carparks is presently not working, likely costing more than it achieves in revenue. Unclear how this will work with even more cars.

More details about Rep ID: 7086

Representation ID: 7072

OBJECT Mr Bob Holtham


I object to the proposed allocation of further development in Knowle and in particular land in the south of the Arden Triangle which will result in overloading Highways and other infrastructure. The suggestions in this section are superficial and lack any evidence based proposals to overcome them. 'Decking the car park at Dorridge Station' demonstrates the lack of thinking and does not constitute anything like a comprehensive solution.
The concept Masterplans are a 'nice to have' but what weight will they be given as they lack specific detail particularly on highways improvements and traffic management.

More details about Rep ID: 7072

Representation ID: 7061

SUPPORT Mrs Claire Carter


I support these proposals & any development on the condition significant investment in made in local infrastructure & facilities, notably schools. I also support investment in local recreational facilities. An improved bus service with electric buses to minimize air pollution & improved cycle paths to accommodate the increase in traffic.
I would also like to see an investment to expand local doctors surgeries to take account of the increase in population.

More details about Rep ID: 7061

Representation ID: 7031

COMMENT Mrs Ruth Paige


There's no mention of how to prevent the continuing decline of Knowle high street where shops continue to close.

More details about Rep ID: 7031

Representation ID: 7023

OBJECT Miss Hannah Fitzgerald


If this is implemented KDBH will lose its character
Traffic problems will become even worse
Drive people to sell and move on
Desired location at the moment, this proposal would have the opposite effect
Crime would go up
Not enough facilities or space for more houses
Other more apropiate sites in places such as Hockley Heath, Shirley and Cheswick Green where there is more space

More details about Rep ID: 7023

Representation ID: 7021

COMMENT Linda Page


I would like to see a new secondary school as well as a primary school on the plan. This should involve moving the school to a new site to reduce impact on learning. Traffic is busy at pinch points and can be improved by more double yellows, traffic lights and traffic calming measures. eg. speed bumps and yellow lines on Lodge road which is a rat run. Building a new school will also reduce traffic at pick up and drop ff times.

More details about Rep ID: 7021

Representation ID: 7011

OBJECT Mr David Lloyd


Development is not in keeping with the character of the area and will be excessive.

More details about Rep ID: 7011

Representation ID: 6989

COMMENT Mr Duncan Powell


The focus of Primary School provision on the Arden Triangle site should be Catholic, to extend the current outstanding provision of St George and St Teresa, to ensure parity in the provision of places (which has been lacking recently) and to be consistent with the earlier draft of the plan.

More details about Rep ID: 6989

Representation ID: 6972

COMMENT Catherine Silcock


Question whether new primary school will be in addition to the current four.
Concern that a new secondary school will lead to smaller catchment area and affect existing households on peripheries of the settlement.
Improved public transport would be a bonus especially as the frequency of the buses has recently been halved causing issues to school children and the elderly.
Local infrastructure is already at breaking point with the local community unable to access doctors or dentist appointments in a suitable timeframe, and the hospital losing services. With a proposed 11% population increase will we see another medical centre opening?

More details about Rep ID: 6972

Representation ID: 6924

COMMENT David Knowles


Additional road construction to accommodate increased traffic demand does not work - more cars use the new capacity and so that it fills up too! A bypass is not wanted. Traffic calming measures and public transport options are preferred.

Better to have development restricted to the West of KDBH so no further burden is placed on the Knowle High Street.

More details about Rep ID: 6924

Representation ID: 6917

OBJECT Mrs L Mackay


Main concern is on the primary education of the children from the new site. The recent development resulted in the Academy having to accommodate an extra intake, 90 not 60 children. Unless the timing of the release of the land is regulated children will not be able to attend their local school as the new Primary will not be built till the later stages of the Plan's timeline. Knowle only has capacity for 30 extra children every 4th year.

More details about Rep ID: 6917

Representation ID: 6899

OBJECT Mrs Jill Hillman


The position of Arden Triangle between Warwick Road and Grove Road is totally unsuitable as both roads are narrow and already very busy. To have access to this proposed site in either roads, I believe Warwick road is the most favourable is adding to the already fast entrance into Knowle. The present infrastructure is completely saturated, roads, car parks, Dr's surgeries, schools, nurseries - it just mystifies residents why this location has even been identified as being feasible. Is it greedy land owners who are already clearing established wooded areas to guarantee purchase from even greedier developers. Looks like it.

More details about Rep ID: 6899

Representation ID: 6880

SUPPORT Mr Martin Murphy


Totally support the infrastructure requirements

More details about Rep ID: 6880

Representation ID: 6857

COMMENT Mr Tony Moon


I believe that we also need to invest in the retail sector of the village, this will ensure that its retains a central focus

More details about Rep ID: 6857

Representation ID: 6818

COMMENT Mrs Claire Gibney


I agree that Brownfield sites should be chosen in preference to Greenfield sites. The Green belt and the nature of the borough must remain protected.
I support the Knowle Society point of view re this plan.
I am very concerned by the volume of new housing planned for Knowle and its impact on the village: this will no longer be a village and its schools / surgeries / carparks / roads etc are already at full capacity.
Are there any plans to improve the current situation, before the council adversely adds to it?

More details about Rep ID: 6818

Representation ID: 6802

OBJECT Mrs Sarah Bridge


Area infrastructure will not cope

More details about Rep ID: 6802

Representation ID: 6759

OBJECT Mr Adrian McNicholas


I do not believe the building of homes in Knowle off Hampton Road leading to Wychwood Av is the best location. This will increase traffic at the already congested Hampton/Warwick Rd intersection, and then create a 'rabbit run' through the estate road (Arden Vale).

Furthermore creating a 'Sports Hub' beside the proposed site will also increase traffic, as this is not on a public bus/rail route, hence any visitors will need to drive to the location.

More details about Rep ID: 6759

Representation ID: 6711

COMMENT Mrs Patricia Platt


Traffic problems caused by several hundred extra homes

It would put pressure on doctors when it is already difficult to get an appointment

More details about Rep ID: 6711

Representation ID: 6693

COMMENT Gillian Griggs


The Council has identified most of the infrastructure requirements for the KDBH Area but only in vague terms with no information on how such needs can be met or consideration of whether such development will be harmful to the settlement. Concern that bus improvements will not be viable. Impacts on doctor's surgeries, pre school facilities and the capacity/parking at Dorridge Station should be included. Unclear whether new primary is replacement or new facility.
Supportive of Concept Masterplans, affordable housing. The limited benefits and lack of evidence on infrastructure impacts and mitigation is a serious omission.

More details about Rep ID: 6693

Representation ID: 6688

OBJECT Mr Matthew Bragg


The infrastructure requirements are significantly understated and too generalised, further more they do not take into consideration that the proposed redevelopment is firmly sited around the village of Knowle,

Given that the proposed land around Knowle is greenbelt citing Green Belt Enhancements is laughable.

More details about Rep ID: 6688

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